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Lag selecting or closing tools AC23/24

Hi all, I'm not sure whether there is any solution for this, if so, could you please share it with me??? I'm experiencing a huge lag when I double-click on any tool, it doesn't matter whether it's a wall, slab, object, or whether it's in 2D or 3D vie...

Tom86uk by Newcomer
  • 5 replies

Re: Question: Graphic Cards

[Moderator: the original post of the thread was deleted because the poster was spamming.] I don't think the GPU is being used for rendering in Archicad. For rendering alone you'd be better served with a high clocked CPU with as many cores as you can ...

Miha_M by Expert
  • 7 replies

Good larger format printer for ArchiCAD

Hi Fellow ArchiCAD users, I am looking for large format printer recommendations. I currently have an HP Designjet T520 (36inch), which unfortunately will not communicate well with Archicad in that it won't allow a 24x36 print to run the width of the ...

Conflict AC24 and antivirus software

It seems my ac24 is in conflict with my virus protection software. When the software is installed ac24 hardly moves at all and I have to delete the virus protection software for ac24 to function. I have given all access the ac24 wants when installing...

Access codemeter webadmin via browser remotely

I would like to open codemeter webadmin on a server with keyplug from a clients computer via browser. Is this possible? I know I can do it using remote desktop, but don't want to give that option to users. Entering servers IP and port doesn't seem to...

Gorazd by Participant
  • 3 replies

frequent crashes with AC24 iMac

hi, i am wondering anyone else experiencing absurd amount of crashes with archicad 24? since the beginning of archicad 24 release, i've been experiencing frequent crashes. recently, it is crashing at least 5-6 time a day. when it's bad day, like toda...

han seol by Newcomer
  • 22 replies