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Resolved! Object not visible in 3D/Section

I have a plan where two objects in my bathroom (Toilet and Basin) are not visible in either section or 3D view. I don't understand why, considering they are: - Placed on a layer that is turned on - Not hidden because of renovation filter - Not placed...

Problem running archicad 15 on windows 10

Hi, I think I’ve successfully installed Archidad 15 including the hotfix from here on my Windows 10 laptop. However, when I try to start the program I only get the s...

Why can't I undock a tab in AC24 Windows 10?

Good day, I am wondering why it is not possible to undock a tab on the windows version of Archicad. From what I've read there is a limitation in windows that windows can't leave the boundary of the main window? However the tool pallets can for some r...

4K display adjustments

The fly-out check for properties is suuuuper small on 4K displays, which makes it hard to read. Had to press my nose against the screen

runxel by Mentor
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CodeMeter Problem

I am a long term user of ACad (started with V3.14) I am now retired but need to keep my copy of ACad 18 operational for a number of reasons including archive access. A week or two ago I foolishly upgraded my Mac OS without checking compatabilities an...