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i can't register as a student

helloI'm trying to download the Archicad student version, but I get stuck in "myarchicad" student registry with no more options to fillafter the window selected "student" the next field does not provide selection options

Archicad 25 Freezing Windows 10

Hello, I have Archicad 25 in Portuguese with the 4030 version. Working on some projects, small or big one, the program freezes and not responding. The only way to get back to normal is close the process on task manager. Anybody has the same problem? ...

Apple recommendations

Hi,I've managed to hold off replacing my iMac for as long as possible, whilst the apple silicone swap continues, however, I'm at the point where the speed of my old imac is causing me issues! I've been looking to replace the iMac with the new macbook...

EBHarvey by Participant
  • 7 replies

Resolved! Keyboard Shortcuts

Hello, I am having a strange problem with Archicad23. I am able to use the keyboard to do some shortcuts such as Cmd E and Cmd D but then I am not able to use ''L'' to draw a line and I am not also able to use Cmd 8 and Cmd 9. Do you know how I can c...


Is there a way to toggle between single click mirror and the 2 click mirror command? For some reason, when I try to mirror and option in plan or 3D, I am asked to pick the first point but when I do that it mirrors on the single click? Any help would ...

License usage reporting

Hi, Is there a way to log licence usage? Of course, it is possible to go to codemeter webadmin and have a look at current license use but I am interested to see max licenses used daily/weekly for example and don't have the time to check every half an...

DavorP by Enthusiast
  • 4 replies

Which iMac now ?

Hi, give me advice, which iMac should I buy now? my old imac 24 from 2007 will barely crack,I do not know whether to wait for the newer ones with a silicon processor or buy with an intel 27 while they are still there, or buy a 24 m1 imac?

jarkwiat by Contributor
  • 2 replies

AC25 freeze and crash

Hi allFrom yestarday AC25 on my MacBook with Monterey 12.3 stop working completley.The problem happens when working with cutaway drawings, which saved in section. At that time AC25 starts freezing and chrash, impossible to work and i can`t open proje...