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Edit color error

There is a problem in my Australian AC24 Template. I am unable to edit colors or ascertain their RGB values because the Edit colot box only partially appears when a color is selected from the Pens and Color Model views. See attached screen print. Is ...

KeesW by Contributor
  • 10 replies

green lines in 3d modelling

Hello, anyone know how to get rid of these green outlines in 3d? as you can see they don't match the volume so they are excruciatingly annoying... (archicad 23 -Mac)

Loaded 2020 iMac vs 2013 Mac Pro?

HI all! I'm considering a new Mac purchase - can't really afford a iMac Pro or new Mac Pro, but looking at the new 2020 iMac similar to what user "Kans" has just obtained: iMac 2020,Intel Core i9 3,6GHz 10-Core, 64Gb AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT 16 GB, 1Tb...

Logitech Mouse jumps on AC24 and Catalina

Hello, I've read about this subject all over but can't find any resolution. Since getting a new MacBook Pro running Catalina and AC24, my Logitech mouse skips around and lags every minute or so. It's maddening. It happens on both: the older Performan...

ArchiCAD22 Green lines in 3D

Hi everyone! I'm new to ArchiCAD and I have the student version of ArchiCAD 22. I have used this for my ArchiCAD class and have never had this problem. When I go to 3D, there are green lines all over the screen. I'm not well versed in ArchiCAD so I h...

Resolved! Wireframe objects

Greetings, I'm experiencing new placed casework objects showing up as wireframe in the 3D view. During rendering they disappear altogether. The objects show up just fine on the floor plan view. I've never had this problem. I started on V11 and am now...

bobup by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Installation of new version, and in new laptop

What should be done in order to have all the configurations as profiles I installed v24, and I didn’t have my profile. What are the steps we need to do? And, I’ve bought a new laptop. What folders do I need to copy from the old computer to the new on...

GOBA by Newcomer
  • 2 replies