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Renovation Filters AC24

Is anyone else experiencing extremely slow performance using renovations filters in AC24? We had the same issue in AC23 and were advised to wait for an update or the new AC24 release. In the meantime, instructions were to limit and delete as many ren...

Apple Magic Mouse, Magic Prefs, Pan/Zoom

What are people doing to use Apple Magic Mouse with ArchiCAD? The Magic Mouse preference items that showed up in the Work Environment options a few versions ago don't quite get me where I want to be. My preferred configuration is one-finger "scroll" ...

Resolved! Only partial view in Layouts

On the screenshots you can see that in Project Map and View Map my curtain wall shows up fine. But in Layout Book only part of the door shows, and none of the windows. Until I activate the whole Layout with the cursor......and then you can see the fu...

gabalco by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

C drive file bloat with point cloud

I have found that I keep getting PointCloudTempFi files duplicate in the local appdata file. This can be in excess of 100GB. What are these files doing and why are they duplicating? This bloat drastically effects my machines ability to run ARACHICAD ...

tlodge by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

AC24 Bug Reporter on macOS

With AC24 there seems to be a new Bug Report interface, which at least visually looks much improved over the previous version. Unfortunately, though it seems that on macOS you can not opt to quit or cancel the new Bug Report without submitting a repo...

AC 23 INT download link?

Where do you find a link to download ArchiCAD 23 INT. I find updates, but to download the actual program is as hard to find like it has always been. We are a Finland based company and have used archicad for 15 years but because we use INT version it ...