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imac 2020 configuration for using ArchiCAD 24

I had imac 2019 with i5 processor 3.7 Ghz. But I was not satisfied with this machine for using ArchiCAD. Especially for using profile manager for perforated facade. In our project the metal Paneel facade should be perforated in irregular rectangle. I...

Kans by Newcomer
  • 9 replies

Custom Tool Bar in multiple Work Environments

Is there a way to share a custom tool bar I've created across different work environments. It seems the tools bars are only in the work environment they were originally created in. This is a big pain in the ass with every AC upgrade, I have to either...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 2 replies

Archicad 23 Start page triggers Dropbox sync frenzy

Hello, I have one issue with the Archicad 23 Start Page, more specifically "Recent Projects". I am using Dropbox "Smart Sync" that saves disk space by making files "online-only" that have not been opened recently. When I open Archicad 23 Start page, ...

joimagg by Newcomer
  • 8 replies

text edit files

in the past 8-12 months I have started seeing multiple automatically -generated text edit files appearing in every folder that has .pln files. What are they and is there a way to stop this or set the mac finder so they do not show up? to me it's just...

Resolved! Splines and Magic Wand - AC 24

What happend here? Its not working. I cant use the magic wand on splines cause archicad dont stop working and calculating. It doenst work with fills, it doesnt work with mesh nor with morph. I had to kill archicad the 100th time via task manager whil...

BIMCloud update 24v incompatible

Hello i've updated AC24 (3008-RU) and BIMCloud to 24.0.2411.1609 (2020.2) But Server sad it compatible only v23 Is it correct version of BIMCloud? I have reinstalled few times – same problem

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 0 replies

ArchiCAD 22 - copy and paste within text boxes

Hi All, I am having an issue where i am trying to copy partial text within a text box and paste it into another text box. It looks like the text doesn't even copy to the clipboard when I select "copy" and hence when I paste there is nothing! My colle...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 23 replies

Text copy and paste

Hi All. Ive started work with a new company and the pasted text will change size to a random size whenever I copy and paste text into a label or into the text tool. Does anyone know why this happens and how this can be fixed? This template is a very ...