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About Apache Log4j vulnerability

Dear All, Last week, a critical security vulnerability in Java logging library Log4j has been found. The vulnerability allows attackers to perform remote code execution, which means they can run any code and access all data on the affected machine. I...

Minh Nguyen by Graphisoft Moderator
  • 6 replies

Graphisoft bug report submitter.

Hi i am student new to Archicad 23 and i am having regular issues with the whole program craching and a bug report coming up. i am sending the reports to graphsoft but the program is continuing to crash on doing the most basic of tasks. could you ple...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 2 replies

1 second of loading for each action

Hello everyone, I have an issue with Archicad 23. It's recent because i never had this issue before. When i do any action i have one second of loading that i never had before. (like select an tool, etc...) I can't put a video here so i have a video o...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 8 replies

Breakdown when opening

I use Archicad 22 with student licence. Today if I opened any file, the program broke down after loading the file, and even when I try to create a new file, it quitted, and every time the bug report window opened. I tried restarting the computer and ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 1 replies

Resolved! CodeMeter: Single Licence LAN

Hi all, Is there a way to setup CM Server to work with single keys? Or does it only work with network keys? You could apparently do it with WIBU keys but there was no resolution for CM keys. Is this still the case?

Shadows in 3D View (V23)

Hi all, When using V23 on my work PC, whenever shadows are turned on in the 3D view settings, I get a white model effect. The other 2 PC's in the office do not have this issue and I did not have the issue when using V20. I've tried looking through th...

In 3D Explore, keyboard commands not working

Hello there, I am working in ArchiCAD SE2015. I am in a 3D view, looking at my ArchiCAD model. Usually when I click on 3D EXPLORE I can navigate both using the mouse commands and the keyboard commands (see the attached image). For some reason today n...

jzarmin by Newcomer
  • 4 replies