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3d Modeling Glitch/model corruption

I recently imported a Sketchup model, which seems to have corrupted all new objects created, but leaving objects created prior with normal handle locations and viewing. Additionally, while viewing in 3D Vector, I dont have the problem described and i...

Archicad Crashes

When I go to the object library and attempt to place an. object like drawing symbols ArchiCad CRASHESSSSS The bug ID AC21-2019-01-30-15-52-13-9795 How does this get fixed????

Enable Flow Control on switch

We are using a Mac Pro as BIMCloud Basic server for 22 and store the project files on a network share (Synology NAS DS1817+) We use a HPE Switch 1820 48G between our NAS and Mac Pro. We have been asked to enable Flow Control on our switch, due to iss...

AMB by Newcomer
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Backup of BIMCloud Basic with using script

Hi there, This is not a direct question but a share. I have made a couple of scripts, that I needed for my work and I thought it might be handy for someone else also. In addition, I'm not a great script programmer, so if anyone would like to improve ...

AMB by Newcomer
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Hey guys, it happened to my mates and my computer now, that by installing AC22 the magic mouse appears to be moving everything you click on straight by first press instead of just selecting the item. Afterwords you gotta wait for a few seconds, press...

Radiocat by Newcomer
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Archicad 22 Dark shade on trace refrence

Hello everyone, We`ve recently switched to AC22 and we also migrated some projects from AC 20 and 21. In both cases when i set up a trace refrence and decrease the transparency/visibility of it it turns into a dark shade of that color. The fills beco...

Advice on buying a Desktop

Hi, I am planning to buy a new computer because my current PC is slow and the rendering takes far too long. I have gone to two different stores and offer me two different computers but I have no knowledge about computers and it's very hard for me to ...

LeeKong by Newcomer
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Software key and Mojave

I recently updated to Mojave and now have an issue where my software key always needs to be uploaded and repaired each time the Mac is restarted. Then re-downloaded to use ArchiCAD. Any ideas on how to fix this would be appreciated. Thanks.

arg617 by Newcomer
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