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Issue with Grasshopper connection

Hi, We have an Issue here with AC 22 (5009) and the latest Live Connection. When the Grasshopper Palette is activated and you try to draw a curtain wall, AC crashes. This happens also, when no Grasshopper is running and using a AC template. Just acti...

Resolved! Display Issues

I Have a MacBook Pro 15-inch, 2017 with graphic Radeon Pro 560 4096 MB Intel HD Graphics 630 1536 MB running Archicad 21 (update 7000) My problem is when I resize the screen I get thin grey lines both horizontal and vertical and out side this thin li...

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Asking about "Library Path Too Long"

Hi there, It's well known fact that path and file name on Windows OS must not exceed 260 characters just as mentioned in this But when I have applied this method to extend Windows limit (as mentione...

Shortcuts don't work if Cyrillic language is active

Hello! There is this an annoying problem that started with ArchiCad 19 or 20 - if Cyrillic language is active when opening ArchiCad file the shortcuts don't work. The solution is changing the language to English and restarting ArchiCad or applying ne...

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AC 19,21, and 22 constant crashes

I have big problem. After installation of version 22, versions 19 and 21 are constantly crashing, freezing every 30 min (atomic clock is not that precise as this crashes) and unable to use. Bug report is not generetad so i dont know whats wrong. Does...

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