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convert content to older versions

Lena Pfe

Many posts talk about not being able to save a file down from a newer version to an old version.

But now I wonder if there is a way to transfer the 2D and 3D content (e.g. from Archicad 24) to Archicad 16.

(e.g. another file type?)


Does anyone have an idea?



It is not that you cannot but that you can only go down 1 version at a time... The issue is though that by saving down you will be losing information. Whether this informaion loss of relevant or not is a different question, but one that becomes more relevant the more versions you are saving down.

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Eduardo Rolon

It is more subtle.

You don't "lose" information, it is that since previous versions does not have the upgrades AC needs to "convert" what the previous version doesn't understand into something it can. IE AC16 introduced the Morph tool so when saving down to 15 all those Morphs had to be converted to Library Parts before creating the file. So IMO it is obvious for GS to just save back one at a time since they don't have to review/reprogram how to jump back to multiple versions. User wise if you need to go back multiple versions it means that something went seriously wrong with your project and it is wise to spend the time checking.

If as a user you just want to save back so that one user works in a new version while the other stays on an older one, GS doesn't force you to upgrade the old version since it doesn't matter which version you buy you can download any of the previous ones.

This is way more generous than the competition and very considerate to its users.

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