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laptop resolution

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Hi all

Just quick question, I looking at getting a toshiba laptop with 17" screen but the highest the screen resolution it will go it is 1440x900.
Do you think this will be a high enough resolution to work with archicad or should I find a different laptop with a screen that can go to a higher resolution.


You can see by the results here that a resolution height of 900 is on the minimum end of the scale.

I wouldn't like to work with ArchiCAD at that resolution, but you could still do it. Others have. Maybe someone here could post you a screen shot of ArchiCAD at that res? I would but am on my Mac right now and it all seems too hard.


Eduardo Rolon
Applications -> Utilities (with Finder active, Shortcut Cmd + Shift + U ) -> Grab

menu Capture
select Screen
eduardo rolón AIA NCARB
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Vectorworks 2023

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I would say that 1440x900 is a bare minimum for productive work. My current MacBook Pro is 1680x1050 and is quite nice. If I were getting a new one right now I would probably go for the 1920x1200 though the tools and palettes might be a bit tiny.

In general: more pixels = better.

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