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layer dialogue box with mind of it's own . . .

i am having this very minor but incredibly annoying thing happening to my layer dialogue box:

i generally resize it to fill the screen top-to-bottom. and that's where it stayed in 8.0vX . . .

BUT. now everytime i pull up the layer dialogue box it's got 10-20mm shorter! by the end of the day it's way back up to its 'default' size.

. . . like i said; very minor. however, it's driving me CrAzY


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I copy your problem. Must be a bugbug - someone ought to tell the guys in Budapest. It also works in 8.1


I am having the OPPOSITE problem (well actually both)...

I have noticed that my Layer dialog will revert to DEFAULT every once in a while.

But... Sometimes, when I know the memory is leaking/getting low it will grow to be OFF the screen. In fact, you cannot reach the OK button. I can, of course, hit the ENTER key and then QUIT/Save and it will be well again.

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