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lost the coordinate box, control box and the prompt box

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I seem to have lost the coordinate box, control box and the prompt box. I have gone the typical things that I thought would work, i.e. Options>Customize>Palette Shapes. These all have the "show" boxes checked. Since I work on 2 monitors, I have stretched the window as far as it can go to try and find the palettes, I found nothing. Is there a secret key or dance I need to do so that I can get them back...I am quite fond of these palettes.

Eduardo Rolon
First save your current Work Environment so that you don't loose your basic settings.
Second go to File -> New and press Opt (Mac) or Alt? (Win) so that the menu changes to "New and Reset" and start a new project. Hopefully that will bring them back.
eduardo rolón AIA NCARB
Another of the forum moderators.
Macbook Pro 2.4 i9 32GB ram
OS X 10.XX latest
AC25 US/INT -> AC08

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