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Definition of Natural Ventilation ecodesigner Star???

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Someone could tell me how the parameters for natural ventilation are defined in ecodesigner Star?
Calculations are made with open external windows?
There is possibility of defining control strategies of natural ventilation? Example: automatic thermostat where the windows are open or closed according to internal and external temperature.

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I doubt EDS or any other architectural software package will accurately simulate coupled CFDs
You are now entering the domain of environmental engineering and multiphysics
First try tidying up and simplifying the geometry,materials,boundaries,etc,etc
Then try exporting to ansys,adina,comsol,etc
You might want to also consider the effects of CFD & Contaminant flow, internal pressures,stress/strain, vibration, acoustics,power generation,corrosion, erosion,PDEs, etc..(the sky is the only limit/boundary)
IMO clients love non stationary & time dependant simulations.
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I am analyzing the features of EDS for natural ventilation because we have in Brazil a standard for residences that requires the energy analysis software performs calculations of natural ventilation.
The EnergyPlus Software performs these calculations integrated with energy analysis and so I wonder if I could make them at EDS as well.
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FEM natural ventilation calculations are based on intial values (gu- estimates) and convergence IMO the solutions and presentations are much more accurate and elegant, as for the other NON fem software AFAIK these are based on all approximations, so literally anything outside the box cant be modelled accurately?. Unfortunately there is no one size fits all for CFD and energy optimization, you will need to spilt it up, the final energy results/report can be live linked to matlab.HTH
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Thanks for the clarification DesignEgineerBIM, but the important thing for me in this moment is to understand how natural ventilation parameters ecodesigner Star itself are defined.
As there is the option to enter the natural ventilation in energy simulation, I wanted to learn more about these settings and see if they can set their parameters (even in a simplified form) that could simulate the effect of ventilation as the windows were open ... .


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