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WHY is this session called "green"?

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I'm sorry to point it out, it's the first time I see this new session and I find it very cliché to name it "green architecture". Is it just me?

With the spin the AEC industry has taken in the last 5-6 years, I find that the greener the look, the least environmentally friendly or sustainable a project is.

Is it too late to rename it, please?

Here some options from the top of my head:

- EcoDesigner (because most questions are going to be about it, right?)

- Energy and Environment;

- Sustainable architecture...

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Hi Enrico

I think You're not alone, this was also my first question when I saw the title last evening, and I shared my opinion with laszlonagy too (in the session's sticky).
In the majority of the cases green doesn't mean energy efficient at all.

I subscribe Your request!

Best regards, Ede

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Your wishes has just been granted.
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Thank you László

it's a big relief for us

Regards, Ede

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Thank you!

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