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Archicad Reports 0 Bytes Libraries in Teamwork Project

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

Affected versions: from Archicad 22


Occasionally, when a Teamwork project is opened, Archicad's Library Manager reports 0 bytes libraries. The issue is not experienced by all team members, and not all projects are affected.



BIMcloud library handling was changed in Archicad 22. Unlike in older versions, libraries are now linked through their full path on the BIMcloud Server.


Teamwork > Project > Local Data Manager runs on all installed versions of Archicad's local data to clean up all unnecessary projects and libraries, based on the last-defined criteria. When the Local Data Manager runs from Archicad 21 or older and deletes data connected to Archicad 22 or newer, it thereby corrupts the information about where certain libraries can be found. Since Archicad 22 and newer cannot read the library's full path, it cannot find its path on the BIMcloud Server.


  1. Open File > Libraries and Objects > Library Manager...
  2. Select affected libraries and delete them
  3. Add these libraries again from BIMcloud



To prevent this issue, you have two options:

  1. Turn off Local Data Manager in ARCHICAD 21 and older

  2. Set clean-ups to run more frequently in ARCHICAD 22 (and newer) than in ARCHICAD 21 (and older)




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