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BIMcloud not supporting correct point cloud position (in z direction)

I have found in most of BIMcloud model, after importing and placing point cloud in model and moved to origin(as in MOVE tool bar) point cloud z direction is not going exact position. When i tried in Local file, import point cloud-Create and place option, it's going exact location. So i need to copy and place z value of point cloud in local to cloud model. I am facing this type of issue in every cloud model with point cloud. Please see attached screen shot- Pic 1 is in cloud model and Pic 2 is in local model.
Ashwani Kumar Shukla

Archicad 12-26, 64gb ram, window 10
I know that it’s preferable to save point cloud as separate library on BIM cloud instead of keeping file included in embedded library. I never experienced something similar.

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