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Teamwork Auto Shuts Down after weekend off

Andre Laranjeira

Here in the office after 2 days off (weekend), we noticed that Teamwork connection to BIMCLOUD server auto shuts down. 
Always on mondays we need to reestablish the connection with the server, this became a bad workflow to us, because not everyone are allowed to refresh the connection. 


Does anyone know why is this happening? 

ps. : after a 1 day off (hollyday) we noticed that it doesn't shuts down 


are you on BIMcloud Basic, or the GS hosted BIMcloud? If you have a BIMcloud Basic, it could be tied to the server back ups or maintenance (restarting the server).

you aren't leaving AC running over the weekends? (not that this should cause issues... but best practices and all).

are your computers backing up or doing basic maintenance over the weekends? when you say it auto-shuts down, do you mean it loses the IP/Server Name and your log in credentials? The BIM server, local data, login credentials, etc. are all managed in the computers preferences... if your IT department is clearing local data and purging prefs every weekend, maybe there is an automated disk clean up or something, that would be a possible cause

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Andre Laranjeira

We use here BIMclud Basics 


Are you saying that BIMcloud does auto backups / maintenance during the weekends?

No... i don't leave AC running over the weekends, we just keep our own server online always 

what i mean to say is that we have to reset BIMcloud connection every monday to TW run, it wont looses login/passwords.


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