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Known Issues with BIMx Hyper-models on BIMcloud as a Service

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

As part of an update of BIMcloud as a Service (BIMcloud 2021.3), we introduced the BIMx Web Viewer integration, which allows you to check the content of your BIMx Hyper-models without downloading them to your device.


In this article we collected the known issues with BIMx Hyper-models on BIMcloud as a Service with offered workaround solutions. Time to time we will update this article, so we suggest to subscribe if you are interested in this topic.



Global Illuminations Appear Wrong and Ghost Pictures are may Visible During Navigation in Firefox



Surfaces turn bright white when Global Illuminations are turned on and BIMx Hyper-models are opened on BIMcloud as a Service or the BIMx Model Transfer site. During navigation there can be ghost pictures of the Hyper-model visible on the screen. These issues appears when the above mentioned services are opened in recent Firefox versions (version 93 and above). 




Please open your BIMcloud as a Service tenant and the BIMx Model Transfer site from one of the other supported browsers, such as

You can follow the status of our connecting report on Mozilla's Bugzilla website. 

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