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Archive locations of BIMcloud and BIM Server logs

Logs locations of BIMcloud 18, 19, 20 and 21 WindowsmacOS BIMcloud Manager log files C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\BIMcloud\BIMcloud Manager\Logs BIMcloud Manager data files C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\BIMcloud\BIMcloud Manager\Data BIMcloud Server log...

How to update BIM Server to BIMcloud Basic

Any BIM Server starting with version 19 can be updated to BIMcloud Basic. Please consult with the FAQ chapter below for further information. Before Installing Check which BIM Server versions you have installed on the machine. BIM Server 18 is not com...

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BIM Server Backup Guide

Related versions: v18 and newer Backing up your BIM Server is essential to avoid data loss and minimize the time needed in case of a disaster recovery. Your backup can also be used for moving the Teamwork Projects and Libraries or even the entire ins...


How to repair the BIM Server

Related versions: v18 and newer When BIM Server is not running properly because of missing or corrupted program files, or in case of cosmetic issues, it is easier to repair the BIM Server than to setup the whole environment again. You can start the r...

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How to migrate to BIM Server 21

Related version: v21 Before migrating Before migration make sure that you have a full backup and appropriate time for the migration process! Install BIM Server 21 As a first step choose a computer you would like to install the new BIM Server on. This...

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BIM Server system components

Related versions: v18 and newer In case of the following system components, both the network communication and file related operations need to be on the exclusion list if any antivirus/firewall/network monitoring application is used. Components BIM S...


Getting Started with GRAPHISOFT BIM Server

Related versions: v18 and newer This article will guide you through the BIM Server installation and configuration step by step with some additional information. Before Installing Checklist for installing the BIM Server in the local area network (LAN)...

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BIMcloud and BIM Server

Teamwork basics To get familiar with the concepts of Team Collaboration with ARCHICAD check the official BIMcloud site on Hardware and software requirements Official System Requirements for BIMcloud and BIM Server on Rec...