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Project Library Folder in BIMcloud

The Past In v21 and older versions libraries had their own page in the BIMcloud Manager and the library list was flat. it was possible to control each library’s access individually with detailed permissions, but it was hard to manage libraries from a...

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How to update BIM Server to BIMcloud Basic

Any BIM Server starting with version 19 can be updated to BIMcloud Basic. Please consult with the FAQ chapter below for further information. Before Installing Check which BIM Server versions you have installed on the machine. BIM Server 18 is not com...

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BIMcloud Upgrade Failed

Affected versions: BIMcloud 19 and 20 and BIM Server 21 on Windows | ID: #233778 Issue The process of upgrading your BIMcloud or BIM Server to a BIMcloud version 21 may fail due to inaccessible files or insufficient permissions to certain folders. In...

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How to migrate to BIM Server 21

Related version: v21 Before migrating Before migration make sure that you have a full backup and appropriate time for the migration process! Install BIM Server 21 As a first step choose a computer you would like to install the new BIM Server on. This...

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How to Restore BIMcloud from a BIMcloud Backup

Related version: 21 The mains steps are the following: Choose a machine or machines to serve as the new host(s) for the BIMcloud Install BIMcloud software on these machines and update them to the same patch level as the original BIMcloud Move the bac...

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