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Teamwork operations are slow

Related versions: v19 and newer Archicad users experience slow down or freeze during Teamwork operations (Send & Receive, Send, Receive, Reserve, Release) in teamwork projects. Possible reasons based on the frequency of occurrence Archicad or BIMclou...

BIMcloud Server is Not Accessible

Applies to: BIMcloud and BIMcloud Basic from version 19 and above The status of the BIMcloud Server is Not Accessible, but the BIMcloud Manager is still accessible from Archicad or a browser. Users are not able to join projects. Joined projects indic...

Error: "Unsuccessful Teamwork operation!"

Related versions: v19 and newer When an Archicad user attempts to Open a teamwork project or do a Send & Receive in teamwork, the operation fails with the above error message. Archicad or BIMcloud / BIMcloud Basic is not up-to-date Make sure that all...

How to Open and Forward Ports on Your Router

If you consider hosting your BIMcloud for external connection as well, you need to make sure to set the environment to fulfill some requirements. One of them is to make it possible for ARCHICAD client computers to access certain ports on the server c...


Working from Home with Archicad

At GRAPHISOFT we are doing our best to assist our users during the challenging times of the COVID-19 outbreak.Read this article to learn how we can help you. If you are considering to work from home, you will need to prepare your environment to be ac...

Network Requirements

Related versions: v19 and newer, BIMcloud as a Service Addresses Domain names or IP addresses Before installing any server products, consider how the server(s) will be accessed by clients (Archicad, BIMx) and other servers (BIMcloud). Plan for a long...

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Getting Started with GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud Basic

Related versions: BIMcloud Basic 2018.2 and newer This article will guide you through the BIMcloud Basic installation and configuration step by step with some additional information. Before Installing Checklist for installing BIMcloud Basic in the lo...

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