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BIMcloud Server cannot be started

Related versions: 2018.2 and newer The BIMcloud Server is stopped and cannot be started anymore. The BIMcloud Manager is still accessible from Archicad and from a browser as well. From version 19, although, the BIMcloud Control Icon shows that the Se...

File Synchronization on BIMcloud

File server capabilities came with BIMcloud 2020.2 and this feature allows you to store frequently used files, such as PDF, BIMx or MOD files. While normally the two BIMcloud components are continuously synchronizing between each other, in certain ca...

BIMcloud Support Tool

Applicable: from BIMcloud 2020.2 To make support for BIMcloud related cases easier and faster, from BIMcloud 2020.2, GRAPHISOFT provides a new support tool to collect the necessary data for investigations. This article is covering the usage of the to...

wp-content_uploads_2020_12_bimcloud-support-tool-1.png wp-content_uploads_2020_12_bimcloud-support-tool-2.png wp-content_uploads_2020_12_bimcloud-support-tool-3.png wp-content_uploads_2020_12_bimcloud-support-tool-4.png

Limitations of BIMcloud File Server

From BIMcloud 2020.2, as a licensed feature (available in BIMcloud and BIMcloud as a Service), BIMcloud Server can handle files, such as PDFs, IFCs, or MOD files, which connects to one ore more Archicad Teamwork projects. Uploaded files can be access...

Changes in Compatibility of BIMcloud Installation

Affected versions: from BIMcloud 2020.2 From BIMcloud 2020.2 it is not possible to update BIMcloud and BIM Server 19, 20 and 21 to the latest BIMcloud version in one step. If you run BIMcloud 2018.2 or newer, you can update BIMcloud / BIMcloud Basic ...


BIMcloud System Components

BIMcloud Manager Services and Processes WindowsmacOS Main service Service name: PortalServerService-v(Manager-) Service display name: GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud Manager (Manager-) Processes: LicenseManager.exe node.exe TeamworkPortalServerManager.exe Tray ...

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