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How to Configure Snapshots to an External Storage

As a new licensed feature, available from BIMcloud 2019.1, BIMcloud Server offers to save snapshots to an external folder (e.g. company file server or backup server). This article presents how to utilize this new feature in your workflow. WARNING: Sn...

wp-content_uploads_2017_10_Warning_18x18.png wp-content_uploads_2019_03_externalsnapshot0-300x124.png wp-content_uploads_2019_03_bcb_install_8.png wp-content_uploads_2019_03_externalsnapshot2.png

How to Activate BIMcloud Basic

During the final steps of installing and configuring your BIMcloud Basic you must activate your BIMcloud Basic installation. Start the activation process in the browser based Manager interface The home page of the Manager interface notifies you to ac...

wp-content_uploads_2019_02_bimcloudbasicactivationhomepage-1024x726.jpg wp-content_uploads_2019_02_bimcloudbasicactivationserverspage-1024x213.jpg

BIMcloud Basic Does not Pair Manager with Server

After installation of BIMcloud Basic, BIMcloud Server does not show up as an available Server on the Manager web interface. Pair BIMcloud Server to BIMcloud Manager manually Follow these 3 steps: Upgrade BIMcloud Basic to BIMcloud - this is a complet...

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