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Bryce 5

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Does anyone here have experience using Bryce with Archicad?? Particularly the export method and the difficulty (if any) of the transition? .. There is a an excellent review of it by Cadalyst..

Plus it barely costs more than the books on it.. less that $70!! Have brushed it off a bit due to the low price but it is cheap enough to try.. Corel is it's vendor. Currently running Cinema 4D demo but sometimes I wonder if we really need this much power.

Here is the rendering level I am looking to achieve..


Fancy finding a Bryce discussion on the AC-Talk! I have been trying to simplify the mesh creation of large areas based on digital elevation maps. So far, limited success. Good for large areas, but to get smooth meshes for detailed siteplans takes a large file and this large waits and operations.
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There is a decent Bryce forum at Renderosity...

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