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Importance of presentation in Residential market

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Do presentation of residential building have an influence in its sale? I mean 3d visualization of the project. Say medium , low or high quality renderings. Do people give importance to this or they just think it an extra expense to do it. I am strictly talking on residential market here. I have seen many builders think it as an extra expense.

what do you guys think about it.
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Yes....It is very important.javascript:emoticon(':D')
Most of the clients doesn't understand 2D plans,javascript:emoticon(':(')
after all they are not trained to do so; like Architects or engineers.
3D has an advantage!
In my experience photorealistic renderings are not important. Line type perspective or 3D documents are great as an addition to the basic floor plan view. The best assistance to sales for builders is the Virtual Building Explorer Files that we can produce now. Clients are always amazed at these and love seeing and walking through their house.
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