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Need help inserting indirect light on my dropped ceilings

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We are working in the remodeling of this house and we have some dropped ceilings covering mechanical lines.
I placed some fluorescent lights on top of those drooped ceilings but some how the light shuts down, (it physically passes thru the ceiling) and nothing is lighted inside the empty space created between the different ceiling layers.
Any suggestions???... Tks,

P.S.: The light object I used is Bathbar-Fuorescence 13
In the case where you need not actually see the fixture, avoid an actual light fixture, since light in LightWorks doesn't behave as you would expect.
Rely instead on the light SOURCE "light cone" found in the ELECTRICAL folder.

Make the originating diameter quite large to generate diffuse light.

The attached image shows a large diameter light cone [down] jammed into a wall to simulate a valence.
Dwight Atkinson

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