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Rendering Transparencies

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Hey all,
I am having a quirk when rending images. The area that is suppose to be transparent is not rendering correctly. Check out the rendering that i am working on. The area around the people in the background is suppose to be transparent but it is rendering Grey. This is happening in multiple renderings that i am working on. I am using a 2d image PNG format with transparencies. each image is only like a couple hundred K per image so not very big. I have noticed that it seems to happen where transparencies are being layered one on top another. Does anyone have any insight on how to fix the problem.
Barry Kelly
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What do you have the Lightworks transparency class shader set to?
Generally, when transparent elements overlap and one becomes opaque, the Render Method is at fault. This may be your problem with the figures [not sure]........

To check:

Visit PhotoRendering Settings>LightWorks Effects: Method.

"Normal" delivers NO transparency: AKA "the Lousy Method"
"Better" delivers two transparent layers
"Final" delivers three layers, and
"Best" delivers 42.
Not that you can actually see through 42 panes of glass, but that is the hidden setting.

This behaviour is illustrated on page 21 of "LightWorks in Archicad" that all users should have by now. Order below.
Dwight Atkinson
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