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About BIMx Lab

Daniel Kovacs

What is BIMx Lab?

You can already experience our next-generation BIMx 3D engine technology in the iOS version of the BIMx Mobile app.
BIMx Lab app is a preview version of this 3D engine technology for Android. It is available free for Android mobile devices in the Google Play Store and the Huawei App Gallery.
As opposed to the current 3D engine, this new version should have no model size limitations, which was a huge bottleneck on mobile devices in the past. BIMx Lab aims to collect user feedback to fine-tune the technology for all future BIMx app versions.
You can access even the additional productivity functions that are available otherwise only in the paid BIMx Pro version. All of those are free in BIMx Lab for a while, as we are planning to maintain BIMx and BIMx Lab apps side by side until BIMx Lab will deliver at least the same stability and quality, then the new BIMx Lab engine will be merged into BIMx.


The requirements for BIMx Lab is a Mobile device running Android 4.4 or newer. For more information please see our BIMx Mobile System Requirements page.

How to open a Hyper-model in BIMx Lab?

There are several methods to transfer your existing Hyper-models to BIMx Lab:
  • You can click the '+' button in the top-left corner, and select 'Browse'. This will take you to the default system file browser, where you can browse for BIMx Hyper-models available on your device.
  • You can click the '+' button in the top-left corner, and select 'BIMx Model Transfer'. This will take you to the BIMx model Transfer Site, where you can browse and download Hyper-models.
Note: If the models automatically open in the standard BIMx application, and you don't get to choose which BIMx version to open the files with, it is probably because you have saved the BIMx App as the default application to open this file format. (*.bimx). You can find out how you can clear the default file format from the BIMx app here.
  • You can click on a hyperlink to the Hyper-model (eg. received in an e-mail), shared on the BIMx Model Transfer service.
  • You can select a BIMx Hyper-model in any file hosting service application (eg. Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.), and use the 'Open With...' command.
  • You can transfer the model via USB from your computer.
Note: BIMx Lab uses a new file structure compared to previous BIMx versions. Hyper-models exported from ARCHICAD 22 or newer are already in this format, but you can also use BIMx files from previous versions, and let BIMx Lab convert them into this new file format.
Should you have any feedback use the "Feedback" button in the BIMx Lab App, or send your comments and suggestions to!

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