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Navigation in BIMx mobile

Exploring the building on a mobile device is designed to be easy and intuitive. The best way to learn these methods is to try them out. Orbit If you are outside the building, use one finger to Orbit the model as a whole. (Slide one finger across the ...

Restore In-App Purchase in BIMx

In the free BIMx App you can purchase the BIMx PRO functionality with the "BIMx PRO license" option. This license can be used on four other devices (having the same Apple ID) by restoring the purchase. If the App was deleted from the device accidenta...

Print from BIMx (iOS)

BIMx Hyper-models can contain Documentation for the entire Project. It can come in handy to print out portions of this Documentation for the Client, a Contractor or other parties in the AEC workflow. BIMx on iOS introduces AirPrint that allows wirele...

How to delete BIMx models from your iOS device

When your iPhone or iPad device is filled up with BIMx models you might want to clean up a bit by erasing the old, unused ones. You have two options to delete models from your BIMx app: Method 1 - Use swipe-delete in BIMx In the Models List swipe to ...

Easter Eggs in BIMx

You have created your BIM project, and ready to present it to your customer, but you have some time left before the meeting? You can have some fun with your building in the BIMx mobile application to pass the time. Check out what easter eggs are on W...

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