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ArchiCAD Workshops: Going Deeper Series

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LEARN ARCHICAD THOROUGHLY - register early and save BIG on our spring classes!

New classes starting mid May in Orange County + San Diego + Scottsdale

Visit: http://www.digitalvis.com/other_training.php

>>> Early registration discount: $50 per one-day class
>>> Multiple people from same office, students, out of area travelers, repeaters: $75 discount
>>> $795 bundle pricing for all three days of Class 2-4; $695 for early registration 7 days before class

TO PRE-REGISTER: call Caitlin at 714/612-4547 or e-mail caitlin@digitalvis.com

1. "JUMPSTART" Beginning ArchiCAD - Free
2. "GOING DEEPER" ArchiCAD Beginning Part II - $295 per person
3. "GOING DEEPER" ArchiCAD Intermediate Part I - $295 per person
4. "GOING DEEPER" ArchiCAD Intermediate Part II - $295 per person

- Computer laptop rental per day: $35
- Minimum class size: 4
- Certificates will be awarded
- AIA CES Credits offered for most classes
- All major credit cards accepted

Onward to productivity,

Caitlin Leal, Director of Customer Service
Digital Vision Automation, Inc.
Irvine, CA :: Scottsdale, AZ

:: direct: 714/612-4547
:: fax: 866/817-1899

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Do your certificates have any clout in the industry? Are they graphisoft endorsed and have an official graphisoft authentication logo on them?

Please help us understand how they could be used.

And how many AIA credits are attainable? I didn't think there were that many archicad using AIA members around.


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There are many AIA members using Archicad. I am one of them!

Laura Yanoviak
Me 2
MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz Intel Core i9, 32 GB of RAM

AC25 US (3011) AC24 on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7

I'm not an AIA member personally, but I have 12 of them using Archicad (out of 25 users total)

There is no industry standard for Archicad certificates. Given what I know about Digital Visions, I'd be pretty impressed with someone who took their training class (though I'd still grille them pretty hard in the interview to make sure they learned the material and didn't just sleep through it!)
Tom Waltz

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I'd be impressed if/when I hear back from Digital Vision on the authenticity and clout of their certificates. It's one thing to throw in a mention of a certificate, it's another to back it up with something that's more than a pretty picture on a piece of paper.

So 14 ArchiCAD using AIA members so far. Not what what I would call 'many'. I wonder how many more there are out there? Any recorded numbers on it? And would those AIA members really go to such a training simply because it offered AIA CES credits?

I don't mean to sound so negative on this, it just seems like certification is something that graphisoft doesn't take very seriously, not even for people like digital vision, who if I recall correctly, are archicad resellers!

How will archicad grow if employers can't use a benchmark to determine how proficient prospective employees really are?


Karl Ottenstein
Hunter, dude, what's with the attitude?

I'm with you on the certificate if it is a classic "suitable for framing" thing. Save the paper.

But, John Stebbins and associates at Digital Vision have a proven track record of coordinating with the AIA to provide continuing education credits for the various training activities that they present. The various trainers are highly qualified.

I don't know that anyone has numbers for you since AIA membership is not a box that is checked in a sales invoice, but I would estimate the AIA member usage of ArchiCAD to be in the thousands. This forum represents a tiny slice of the ArchiCAD user population, and is worldwide, so even a poll here would not indicate much.

I have no reluctance recommending any training put on by Digital Vision.

One of the forum moderators   •   AC 25 USA and earlier   •   MacOS 11.6.2, iMac Pro

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The certificates are a new thing for the Digital Vision seminars. People wanted something to show for their training, in addition to the 7 CES units per class. Thus the certificates. If an employer is looking to test a prospective employee's Archicad skills, a few questions and a simple hands-on test will definitely show proficciency.
By the way, I know of 3 AIA chapter presidents who use Archicad. And, at the AIA convention in San Antonio next week, there will be an Archicad Users Round Table.

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Thanks Melisa

That's all I wanted to know. I was in no way implying that your trainings lack quality, I was merely pointing out the fact that official certification is lacking and it seems graphisoft is not improving the situation - not even for their resellers.

I'm glad to hear that archicad has the attention of so many AIA members. It's a good sign. I'm still intrigued into how many there are. If you are inclined after the AIA meeting, would you mind filling us in on how the archicad user round table goes?



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Hi Melisa and other AIA convention attendees.

Is anyone willing to divulge any information on how the AIA conference was? Especially the archicad user round table - is archicad alive and well in the AIA?

Thanks for your insights.


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Hi Hunter,
The convention was great! David Suzuki's address was very emotional and informative. I attended some great seminars on structural bamboo and self-cleaning,de-polluting cement. San Antonio is a lovely town. Definitely worth the trip. And, I got all my necessary HSW CES units for the year.
The user round table was phenomenal. Great to have everyone in a room discussing the future of architecture and the potential of architects. The Graphisoft guys and girls are genuinely great people. EVERY ONE OF THEM. I just hope that I get invited back next year.

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