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ArchiCAD on-line courses

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The lessons of the course take place in the form of an internet training system. The cycle of classes covers 4 subject blocks. There are 7 days for the preparation of each block. During this time one has to get acquainted with materials placed on the web page and to perform the tasks checking the level of learning the knowledge. The access to the www page with materials published there is active 24 hours 7 days a week. Instructors also answer the questions of participants through the use of e-mail messages or internet communicators. It is possible to participate in the internet session with an instructor in a real time.

Internet trainings are designed for independent people which can easily manage the computer.

By enrolling to the course you do not bear any costs. You have a week to take the decision if this for of classes is suitable for you.

ArchiCAD & 3dsMAX

more on http://www.cadbox.eu
in english: http://www.cadbox.eu/A_index.html

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