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Archicad 26 is here!

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin
This is the connecting forum thread for Archicad 26 is here!
What is your favourite new feature? Share your thoughts and opinion here!

Noémi Balogh

Customer Engagement Expert, Community Admin

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Let all the firms, regardless their size, come to Graphisoft. Don't stop them. The Graphisoft's Kingdom is for them too! 😀

Martin Luther Jules
AC 10-26 (Full)
Asus | 64 GB RAM | Windows 11

It all comes down to your perspective as to wether you think that Archicad 25 or 26 is a big enough upgrade or not ?


For MDF (Multi Disciplinary Firms) or those using the full power of BIM, like A Chief Architect working on a large commercial project, would have their own point of view.


You would have a different view than a person using Archicad just for custom residential low rise housing ?


Its definitely not a case of one size fits all anymore, particularly since the exponential development and growth of CAD software is over now IMO.


Growth from very earlier versions of Archicad was allot greater during the upgrade cycle than what we see today or in recent years.


Yet this shouldn’t give the software developers an excuse to skimp on features for the basic user like me and many others who don’t use the full package.


Quite frankly the ACSE is not really adequate for a small firm without proper render engines or other 3D tools. You take interior designers for example, they need good render engines and so do low rise home designers like me.


It would definitely be good to include these render engines in the SE as well as other 3d design modelling improvements.


I am sure that many interior designers would be very happy with new furniture design tool that needs no scripting. Not to mention the improvements in cabinetry.


These last two upgrades are definitely very good from the interior designers perspective.


All improvements are well appreciated by me.


AC8.1 - AC24

C4D is an awful render engine! Redshift is a highlight, but that was in V25 as well.


SE is great if you don't need hotlinks.


With C4D, for renders it's faster to export to something else and use that for images, and there are a lot of other options, including Unreal Engine which is free.


There is no new furniture design tool - it's just some updates to the Kitchen Units objects and Library Part Maker.


The latter is an old tool we already had that was pretty useless so almost no-one bothered with. It wasn't parametric, so they introduced Param-O, which was very promising, and they they ignored and apparently replaced it.


Have you actually used Library Part Maker? It's overly-complicated and clunky.


Yep - some minor updates to a single type of component.


For Mac users even multi-page PDF import is pointless, because you can do whatever you need with Preview.


And yes - still no native Apple Silicon version which is on its third iteration.


Maybe it's time to revise our expectations downwards and keep looking around. 


We all know how this works - in todays's world, if you stand still, you effectively go backwards.



Yes it is. Until they for some reason want to model rebar. Then its not.

James Murray

We have no plans to migrate to AC26 in the near term. (Usually we update quickly.) This is a very thin release with a couple of nice-to-haves (Nav search, e.g.) but nothing compelling for our work. The attribute organization changes are currently a negative feature, with a long way to go. We'll see how AC25 runs on the Mac Studios when we finally get them; it may be that the Silicon-native 26 is worthwhile in comparison. If not, we will skip 26 entirely. We are maintaining our SSA since it isn't economical to jump in and out of that, but we are pretty annoyed that GS is lighting our fees on fire chasing hypothetical customers' needs, instead of our longstanding wishes. Not a cheerful time in AC world IMO.



James Murray

Archicad 25 • Rill Architects • macOS •

@James Murray We could have forgiven Graphisoft for this release. This is referred to as course errors. We could forgive the company up to 3 course errors for example. In short, my biggest problem is the effort made by the Graphisoft team to get people talking about this release. This makes me worry because it implies that the team could consider this release as being one of the best for 40 years. My second big problem is the timing chosen to release this version, which could confirm that the team really considers this release as one of the biggest ones. If that's really the perception the Graphisoft team has of this release, there's reason to be concerned!

Martin Luther Jules
AC 10-26 (Full)
Asus | 64 GB RAM | Windows 11


In my profession as teacher on a school for young technicians aging from 15 to 18, i would not argue to uptate to archicad26, because  i dont see any real benefit in Archicad26 for us in teaching. It would be just an useless effort for installing - but before, i have to look if Graphisoft is forcing the newcomers at myarchicad to use 26 by not offering 25 to them. I will see.


Just changing the interface is no real improvement in my opinion. There are so many "open buildingsites" in Archicad and they had years  to make things better in this version, but i have the feeling, Graphisoft is "cooking in its own soup" without having the ear on the arguing of the users.. and now "some kind of **beep**storm" is braking over them - and i hope its not too late for Graphisoft...


There are so many great functions in Archicad and ist a mess, they don't hear to their custumers to really improve the existing workflows what would really badly needed in real working-situations.


They - in fact - "better'd" some bugs, but in so little places, the normal user will not really notice at all, bugs they should have solved years before - ok so far. - but thats just worth a silent update - not a major release.


I really "wrote books" for suggestion for Graphisoft. Even before the Interent began since version 5.5.  Many of my suggestions where implemented - some much better, than i intended.. and Archicad got better these days. But now..


I am tired to write suggestions since some years - since - in the german forum, they blanked out the suggestions-section for just-visitors. You have to be logged in to see the suggestion-section - just as if they did want to tell new visitors the problems of Archicad.. You can guess what i think of this policy.  And since then, this suggestion-section just seems to be a "garbage dumping ground" for Graphisoft.


And so, the Archicad-development began to stuck - to the point, where we are now.




Hear the Users, don't "cook just in Your own sauce". 

Graphisoft - You want to succeed?

Then don't be afraid of bettering things really! 

"never change an running system" is NOT the real choice for You any more.


What we need: - much less mouse-cklicks with much better results.


What we don't need:

More searching for commandplaces in the interface that You just altered to sell us a so called Major_update with no real benefits...


I really would hate to loose all my efforts to learning this program, when the market  would point to better solutions from the competitors...

AC5.5-AC25EduAut, PC-Win10, MacbookAirM1


Do we have an ETA on when Archicad 26 Solo will be available? as we run Solo and Full and assume you cannot open 26 files in 25

Barry Kelly

One week ago at the launch, they said it would start to roll out in two weeks.

Not all language versions though, they will follow later.



One of the forum moderators.
Versions 6.5 to 25
Dell XPS- i7-6700 @ 3.4Ghz, 16GB ram, GeForce GTX 960 (2GB), Windows 10
Dell Precision 3510 - i7 6820HQ @ 2.70GHz, 16GB RAM, AMD FirePro W5130M, Windows 10


when the pt-PT version will be released?

Jim Allen

I decided to take a more detailed look at the 'new' Library Part Maker and perused the new User Guide.


What I found is that it is in effect the same as the old one. It has no new parametric geometry options.


This means it's only useful for making really complicated objects whose geometry seems to be fixed.


So - what is touted as one of the few new features, isn't actually new at all.


Having an annual update like this with so little to promote is one thing, not being open and admitting it's a minimal release because they are concentrating on major new features for AC27 is entirely another.


Instead we had a whole load of irrelevant marketing BS and an overblown launch to cover Graphisoft's embarrassment.


I think this must be a screw-up, because who at the end of last year's release, planning the next version would dare to propose so little progress?


This tends to imply that bigger things were planned, but didn't make it in time. The fact that GS haven't even released any information on previewing new features to be introduced later in the year (like they did with Param-O) means that there is nothing significant on the radar this year.


Not acknowledging there was nothing new to make upgrading worthwhile is a lot more worrying.


I could accept a 'fallow year' in the expectation of a 'bumper harvest' next time, but that's not what we have been told.


I think that's significant, and not in a good way.

Sadly many appear to be disgruntled with the recent upgrade content for both 25 & 26 ?


Do we have the true picture and are there some who are satisfied with both 25 & 26 ?


If it’s only the disgruntled that are posting, we may not have the full picture ?


Probably needs a serious poll and a rating system scale of 1 to 10 to see how satisfied customers really are with these recent upgrades ?

AC8.1 - AC24

Unfortunately it’s human nature to post complaints rather than praise. We have upgraded to both and whilst there were no show stopping new features like previous versions such as renovation filters and graphic overrides, the smaller updates and tweaks we feel make the upgrade worthwhile. Whilst the changes to attribute manager have been controversial I haven’t found it to be a hinderance and the change to layers in folders has already had a positive impact on our productivity. We can’t expect major new features every time and the changes to attribute manager is part of a much much bigger project. 

Lee Hankins
ArchiCAD 4.5 - ARCHICAD 26UKI Intel 3010 and Apple Silicon
macOS Monterey (12.5)

On my side, I try to maintain the balance. Above all, I thought to myself that the people running Graphisoft are also intellectuals and I guess they're not crazy either. I give them that benefit of the doubt.

Martin Luther Jules
AC 10-26 (Full)
Asus | 64 GB RAM | Windows 11

What will this prove, exactly?

What purpose would such a poll serve to show?


If it shows that 50% are satisfied with the recent upgrades and that 50% are disgruntled, does that then mean that the disgruntled users' concerns are invalidated?

On the flip side if it shows what many would imagine it would show, that something like 70 or 80 or maybe even 90% are dissatisfied, does that move any needle at all in any significant way?

It's not like Graphisoft don't already know that people are dissatisfied with the supposed "progress" (or lack thereof) we've been seeing in recent versions. They've been hearing it for years now and it's yet to have an impact on them to do anything different.


The problem with polls is that they afford you the luxury of ignoring very negative results you don't like which don't align with how you're thinking, or to use numbers you deem to be positive to convince yourself you're doing the right thing and not actually engage in any  introspection or critical self-improvement.


Don't believe me?

Look at the Wish List forum.

What good has introducing polls to it done to getting anyone's feature requests fulfilled?


There are feature request and tool improvements there that have close to 90% poll ratings.............that date over 10 years old.

Which means that for over 10 years Graphisoft have seen that some features are heavily requested and considered important for users, and for over 10 years they've simply ignored them and focused on what they wanted anyway.

Which is then the flip side of that where you have "features" and improvements" that are either hardly requested, don't poll very high or simply don't appear anywhere in the Wishlist forum at all, being treated as high priority improvement things we "need" by Graphisoft.


So what is the point then?

To give people the false impression that they're being listened to when they're really not?

We already know that.

We've already had several versions now to press that point home.


A poll now to try to show that there are users who supposedly like this version more than the disgruntled users' complaints are presenting will only serve to send the wrong message to Graphisoft (if they're even looking for one) and to deflect the very much deserved criticism they're getting now, and probably as a tool for their messaging and marketing departments that they're on the right path and are "really delivering what their users are asking for"

( ^^ they really used that line in one of their marketing spiels in one of their more recent version release marketing campaigns).



I mean, come on.

We've all seen this kind of cynicism and cynical approach to bad user/customer relations with, and from companies before in our lives and in other areas of life as well.


It doesn't help anybody to coddle people in their under-performance and low delivery of what's expected of them or promised by them.

BC, you do raise legitimate concerns and that’s good and productive at times.


I would like to see more appreciation from you for features that you like and have benefited from and used both past and present.


I just know that if we want to get the best out of those working for us in our day, old school being a bit too harsh, doesn’t usually get good results for us ?


Show your appreciation and be more fair.


Constructive criticism can help if the tone is not negative but positive.


We all want to get good value for our money with our AC subscriptions but realistically, you cant please all the users at the same time.


I think that is because there is a very wide and varied construction industry user scope with the current AC user demographics.


CAD software development has gone way past the very early conceptual days, when some of us went into the early Autocad schools and came out still seeing that drawing boards were more time effective in many cases.


I want to see AC get better and faster in some of the very basic functions as well just like others do.


I think Archicad is still the best architectural software on the market at present otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it.


I am retired now but I still follow its development closely because I came from the days when CAD was in it’s infancy. I am still intrigued by its direction of development.

AC8.1 - AC24

@mthd wrote:

Show your appreciation and be more fair.

@mthd It's a two way street. Yes there are players at GS making positive contributions to the expectations of the customer base, BUT the last three years have offered little positive software development for the significant sums invested by the users under the guise of the maintenance/upgrade/subscription/scam. For those of us who have been around for a long time, which I assume includes yourself from your signature, AC has always had a positive trajectory of improvement, but more recently the product has lost focus as an architectural solution and the new development lacks a real sense of understanding typical workflows. Indeed the structural intervention has been a premature deviation that has brought about neglect and even a surge in fundamental bugs. Dimension instability is a definite no, no in the CAD world! Yet with AC25 that is what many of us have been expected to endure, but it's ok because we have SAM to compensate. Bring us bug fixes, workflow & interface improvements and something from the Wishlist to make it worth upgrading and the praise I used to throw at AC will return, until then it's a case of a report card that says "Easily distracted and could do better. Must try harder."

Apple iMac macOS Monterey / AC26UKI (most recent builds)

I have been retired since 2014 and have kept my subscriptions up to date till AC24 just Incase I could go back to work ?


I see clearly the things that need to be focused on allot more by the development team like you and many others do.


I hope they are listening very carefully to us all and what we actually really need in the way of improvements etc.


I am happy about the focus on cabinets in AC25 & 26.


So positive for those improvements from my perspective.


I am just saying that we need to have them pay more attention to our wish lists.


Yes subscriptions are expensive and we definitely want and need value for our money.


keep trying and don’t give up asking for the improvements that we really need.

AC8.1 - AC24

>>>>"I would like to see more appreciation from you for features that you like and have benefited from and used both past and present."


In this version?
I appreciate the fact that they released it on time.

Does that count? ( appreciation?)
But then again that's less an actual "feature" and more a given expectation, but with Graphisoft and their recent releases, even that low bar can be hard to cross sometimes (looking at version 23 released some months late)


As to actual features in this release that I appreciate, the ones that actually pertain to what I do are features addressing issues I've come to learn how to work around thanks to their long-standing neglect of addressing them (extruding and duplicating circles, the attribute and layer folder system), or are features I never really needed addressing that urgently (Eleventy Gajillion ways to customize kitchen cabinets)......certainly not over other more pressing long-standing issues.


And the less said about "new" features that don't pertain to what the primary function of this profession is (Architecture), the better for everyone.
Even though that's what they seemingly spent the bulk of their development resources - and our licensing and subscription fees subsidizing them - actually "addressing".

I don't get what purpose showing appreciation for features from PAST releases serves in this version release.
I did show my appreciation.....THEN for what was produced THEN.

I'm not for showing appreciation for things that weren't done ( this version) for just for the sake of showing appreciation.
Performative courtesy and graciousness helps no one, and if anything is more an insult to the person it's supposed to be meant for.
If you don't mean it why do it?


>>>>"Show your appreciation and be more fair."

I am being fair.
By being honest even if it means being frank and yes,......even hard.

(Hollow and disingenuous) Appreciation does not = Fairness

>>>>"Constructive criticism can help if the tone is not negative but positive."

It can also help when the tone is negative, if that is the only way to convey one's frustration with a particular situation.
Negative but not disrespectful.

I believe everyone who's expressed frustration and disappointment with this version release - despite being what you'd term as "negative" have all mostly been respectful in their expressions of their frustration.


>>>"I want to see AC get better and faster in some of the very basic functions as well just like others do.

I think Archicad is still the best architectural software on the market at present otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it."

So do I.
We just seem to disagree on how we can get to that place where it's better and faster.

Like I said before I don't believe in coddling people when they're under-performing.

We, as a user-base have long been coddling them or at worst being non-expressive about our frustrations with the direction they seem to be taking the program or heading and its impact on what we do, and what good has that done?

(Frog in the slowly heating saucepan)

We're now three versions deep into successive, persitently and regressively underwhelming and disappointing version releases, but we're all just supposed to just sit still and quiet and trust that there's a longer game we can't understand and and long term map that will eventually come good.


Some time.


......In our lifetimes (.....we hope).


I don't know in what other arena in life that kind of situation would work, be accepted or even be remotely workable.


If Graphisoft want (TRUE) appreciation and all the plaudits (from actual users) and understanding for the tribulations they have to undergo to produce a good product, then they should earn it.

I mean,....REEEEEALLY earn it.


It used to be that the majority of users used to show their appreciation for the program by heavily recommending it to colleagues and acting as a sort of 12th man in their marketing team helping spread the word about what a great program this is.


I can't remember the last time I recommended Archicad to anyone I work with.

And that's just disappointing.

I thank you for your honest assessment and candid reply.


I agree with you on many things.


would I recommend AC ? Yes for any Architect.


Do I think the focus on 3D engineering collaboration is shifting the focus away from the basic functionality of AC ? Yes.


In the end if AC is not developing in the way we expect it to, then it’s up to us to decide if we will keep renewing our subscriptions.


I think we just need a more targeted approach to each specific user base.


I think the Solo Version could be made to include more basic features and be more widely available for us who do not need the high end tools of the full commercial version.


like I have said before, a dedicated software development team working on the Solo Version, maybe the solution to this dilemma ?



AC8.1 - AC24

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