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Welcome to the new Graphisoft Community!

Community Manager
Community Manager
We would like to welcome you to our new community!
We hope this is going to be your first stop for information, questions and conversations about all Graphisoft products. It merges the content from what was previously the Archicad Talk forum with our Knowledgebase articles.
If you were previously active on Archicad Talk, we hope you’ll also be active here! When you sign in, you’ll be offered the option to migrate all of your previous content to your new account on this site.
For detailed steps, please read the Migration Guide.
Whether you are an experienced user looking for a technical article or with a challenging issue to ask fellow users about or are new to Archicad and have questions about learning, please join the conversation here and share your knowledge helping others.
The Community is a self-directed resource for you to find the information that you need and typically, answers to questions come from fellow users. While Graphisoft employees do participate here as well at times, if you have an urgent issue, please do contact your local technical support if you cannot find your answer here.
To check for most commonly asked questions, please read our FAQ thread.


Explore the site and join the conversation!


Your Community Team:


László Nagy, Lead Moderator
Barry Kelly, Moderator

Karl Ottenstein, Moderator

Eduardo Rolón, Moderator

Minh Nguyen, Moderator

Noémi Balogh, Community Administrator

Gordana Radonić, Community Manager

Community Manager


Johan Stinckens

Hi Gordana,


Just wondering! Where did the "My Posts" link go?!

Can't seem to find them.


UPDATE: I just found them. 😁


Greetz... Johan

ArchiCAD user since April 2014 (v17 - v24) - Dell Precision T5820 - 32 GB / Nvidia Quadro P2000 - Windows 10 Pro 64

Other than that it's hiking, camping, climbing.


So, this big update to GS Community, and you thought that infinite scrolling without any page numbers on lengthy topics, only 4-5 main categories, and honestly just a horrible layout was the right way to go? Was the intention to get people to stop using the forum? If so, well done. It's virtually impossible to find a topic. I had to go in to my profile to find a reply that I made to a post and then click load more a few times to get to the end of the discussion just to see if there was anything new going on.


I don't mean to be negative, and as soon as I received the e-mail this morning I migrated over to the new platform, but honestly? This is crazy.

ArchiCAD 25 | Cinema 4D R23
12-Core Mac Pro (2 x 3.46 6-Core Xeon, 64GB DDR3)
OS X 11.2.3
AMD Sapphire Pulse Radeon 5700 XT (8gb)

Roger C

Same for me. There are two golden rules that should be always followed:

  1. If it works, do not touch it
  2. Do not reinvent the wheel.

This rework is really embarrasing. Even the numbered list doesn't work properly.
I'd like Graphisoft to work harder improving Archicad tools, functions and capabilities, and stop messing around on things like the forum, which was working flawlessly untill they screwed it up.
We deserve better, frankly.

i7 3770K / MSI GS73VR 7RF i7 7700HQ
16 gb
GTX 3060 / GTX 1060
Windows 10
ArchiCAD 24 SPA

Johan Stinckens

Just one week into the new "combined" forum/helpcenter, and I am not at all amused! 🙄


Why o why has Graphisoft decided to merge these two, inherently different, information channels into one? I am even at loss as to where the AC manuals have gone!


It just isn't logical to have knowledgebase articles, tutorials and video's thrown in with all the user generated data which a forum holds.



ArchiCAD user since April 2014 (v17 - v24) - Dell Precision T5820 - 32 GB / Nvidia Quadro P2000 - Windows 10 Pro 64

Other than that it's hiking, camping, climbing.

@Johan Stinckens wrote:

I am even at loss as to where the AC manuals have gone!



In this post I answer that question:


Laszlo Nagy, Lead Moderator, Community Admin
Get Archicad Tips at https://twitter.com/laszlonagy
AMD Ryzen 1700X CPU, 48 GB RAM, NVidia GTX 1060 6GB, 500 GB NVMe SSD
2x28" (2560x1440), WIN10 PRO ENG, AC20-AC25
Loving Archicad since 1995


Hi Gordana, the new community looks great!   Well done Graphisoft team!



Maybe somebody thought of this already, but I would think that people using ACTalk in emergency situations (as opposed to just landing here brought in by Google) are using large and very large screens. This whole layout appears designed as if for phone screen users (although it is a waste of space on small screens too), which regardless of what statistics may say are not the users coming here for help, or while using Archicad. This format (waste of screen space, little content captured at a glance, need for a lot of clicks and blind navigation) is upsetting, repelling. There must be good reasons for wanting to make a switch, but I am finding the whole thing in its current shape irritating. I only finally came in after so many weeks in a case of extreme urgency, can't picture myself browsing this, and I really wish it gets fixed.

Ignacio Azpiazu
AC 24 USA/INT, MacBook Pro 2.7 Quad - OS 10.15.7

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