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Help Those Help You - Add a Signature Hi All, Some issues you may post about on this forum are Archicad version specific. This includes regional variations in the base program as well as any attached libraries. Other issues may b...

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Community feedback: I love Archicad, but...

Hi all, in the following survey, you can prioritize some of the most common pain points that arise while using Archicad. We know they might not be your top-priority requests, but tweaking them could make your everyday work easier. Thank you for your ...

Shortcut to Unread Posts

Dear All,Recently it came up from many of you that it would be nice to see the unread posts directly instead of browsing a huge amount of content. We are constantly working in the background to improve the Community and find what is helping all of us...

Getting asked if my problem was solved in Wishes Forum

Hello together, I wonder a bit about this kind of message as (an automatic) reaction in the wishes forum. What's meant?Is the answer I need, that the issue is taken to the (long) list? ...but that doesn't solve the problem. I mean maybe it could be h...

snow by Enthusiast
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PREFAB 2030 - global architectural contest

Dear Community, We are glad to share the news that ArchiFrame has launched a global architectural contest, PREFAB 2030, which is aimed at finding innovative prefab ideas. ArchiFrame is looking for a residential building that will serve as the basis f...


Remembering Dwight

Dear Community members, We are very sad to learn and share that one of the greatest inspirations among Archicad users, Dwight Atkinson, has recently passed away. Many of us were looking up to him, for many of us he was one of the main motivators to s...

Next Graphisoft BIM Manager Program - 31 January 2022

Hi everyone,I just want to let you know that the 2022 BIM Manager Program dates have been announced. You can already register today to take part in the uber-popular, high-quality course and become a certified Archicad BIM Manager. Find out more here:...



How to merging license of HARDWARE KEY and SOFTWARE KEY in one account.

GDL parametric niches

Hello all, A new GDL library part for parametric niches is on. Features you see on video: Thanks.

Archicad 25 Update 2 is out

Hey Community, Today Graphisoft released the new update for Archicad 25 with enhancements to design, documentation, collaboration, and visualization capabilities — including the integration of Redshift by Maxon. Archicad will automatically inform you...

New site

Just passing by to say hi.... that is, if someone can actually see the message, because im still completely disoriented with the new design but maybe its only me. I will still try to get a grip on it and undestand it better before comenting. I just w...

jl_lt by Mentor
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New roof tiling library parts

Hello all, There is a new roof tiling library part. 5 models included plus object for ridges and hips.