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3D Filters based on element criteria

The filter criteria that we usually use for our 3D views are based on the type of element and the category of floors of the element. However, during my work practices, I have used the properties of elements to differentiate the construction phases that I will present to the construction department, they need 3d models that contain only the elements that will be built in each of the different phases that I have created. Using the selection filters makes the process very slow, I need to filter the view elements based on property criteria, so I could better differentiate the work phases visually, in this way it would facilitate the presentation and collaboration process.

Barry Kelly
I am not sure if this will solve your problem, but have you tried creating your own renovation filters?
You could create filters for 'phase1, 2, 3, etc.).
Then you can set elements to show only when a particular filter is active.


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@Israel de Quevedo
The solution Barry provided is the best way currently available to achieve what you are looking for.
However. If you are looking for a better solution, I would suggest you to vote on the already proposed Model Filter View Option.
You will also find the updated version of this wish in this post:

I see the option of refresh filters as a specific option for design variants, but that is not the same as a filter based on criteria.

Regarding Braza`s proposal, I must say that it is an incredible idea, but I wish they did not remove the layers, and the layers combinations, because I use that to collaborate with software that uses layer classification systems, it is better just create an additional filter based on criteria, something like a graphical override to hide elements.

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