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3D-overlay for 2D-Drawings

I wish, that it would be possible to overlay 2D with 3D- Building materials or surface-settings instead of the hatches. It would it make much easier to create plans for selling purposes..
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Do you mean like using image fills in elevations like you can in Plan view?

I wish that it would be possible as additional new feature to overlay section-views and elevation-views with the textures from the 3D-views to make selling-plans without an big effort of working-time.

the result should look similar to this with no effort - because in 3D all textures are normally set right.


It should also be possible to get smooth fake-shadows from elements in elevation fiews (no really 3D) to make it look smarter

here to see in a short Vid.

AC5.5-AC25EduAut, PC-Win10, MacbookAirM1

Steve Jepson
3D Documents - Image Fills - https://www.pixelsquid.com/ ??

And you don't even need to buy them. The image previews work pretty well and have the shadow I think your looking for. ??

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Thats nice - thanks - but you would have to work twice. In an Archicadfile all needet informations are there - it just would need a new overlay function for 2D to get the 3D-Textures instead of the hatches and the "fake-Shadow". Then it would be just a similar workflow for existing overlay-functions in Archicad.
AC5.5-AC25EduAut, PC-Win10, MacbookAirM1

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