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Personally I am over this forum format. It doesn't deliver what I want as an Archicad user. Surely there are enough of us to start a new forum? We have given Graphisoft more than enough time to implement changes that would have appeased the majority of complaints


So, I would like to ask the user community what forum system would best suit the their needs? There are a multitude of plug and play systems out there that would provide the type of functionality that we are all looking for. No doubt a lot of us are active on multiple forum platforms so lets decide on one and then get on with working together to become better Archicad users.


Even if only a 10th of the current forum members join we will probably get more from it than persisting with this system.


Maybe some are happy with the current structure and that's fine because it seems like Graphisoft is happy to keep it as is so good luck to them but if you aren't happy lets do something about it ourselves!



What is it you dont like on this one? Personally i dislike the absolute lack of structure and order in the topics (or at least aparent lack of structure from my point of view) something which i have talked about elsewhere;  the "like" system (which i dont like) and the label system.


I'm not really interested in discussing the issues with this forum as they have been mentioned many times before. It's time to look beyond these issues and look to create a solution that will work for those of use who want to engage within a proper forum structure. Do you use other Forums? if so post the one you like the best.


I understand your point, but please, take note of the irony in failing or refusing to engage in a discussion within a forum after receiving a direct question while also wanting to change that same forum structure so you can actually engage in a discussion proper.  


To answer your question, no, i dont use other forums, be it facebooks, reddits nor anything else, so i dont have much of a comparison point, just that i like the old Archicad forum better.


Yep, I see the irony! My main issue is the inability to filter results by date. The most viewed/most liked buttons just need a date filter attached so I can see the most commented in the last week/month. I have asked for this function directly and have been told it would be a good addition to the forum.....but nothing. Its just a data filter on another database field so I don't understand why it is so hard to implement quickly?

The 'Most Recent' list is sorted by date, we just see the date and preview of the original post, not the last post to that thread.


'Most Viewed' is useless in my opinion.

It just shows the posts that heave been read the most - does not been they have even been replied to necessarily.

Although the more replies, the more they are read and therefore more views.

But no,

I see no way to view the most viewed within the last wee/month.

It might be nice to be able to specify a date range.


You can search the entire community or individual forums by date.

The threads you have not read will have bold titles, the ones you have read will be lighter.





Personally, I just read all of the unread posts.

That way I don't miss anything.

Links to all of the unread posts can be found here.




The first one is the entire community, the others are for specific forums.

I have bookmarked that thread (options - 3 dots next to the thread) so I can find it again easily through my profile.

I have also bookmarked the unread for entire community page in my browser and have the link in my browser title bar.

So at any time I just click that link and the forum opens with unread posts.




I hope some of these suggestions can help.



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The old forum was ok , this new is not so good. However a new forum would loose all the valuable history that this forum has built up during the many years it has been running. Imo it would be very unfortunate it the user base was forced to create a forum on the side. I ventilated this idea before but more like a hint to GS that they need to do something. I really would like to  keep this fantastic source of information but in new clothes or bring back the old ones.

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Thanks and I agree the knowledge base is important and I too would want to keep it. The issue is that there have been numerous requests around some basic functionality changes in this forum and nothing has changed. The forum was migrated to this platform to facilitate engagement with the AC community (yay GS!) But its like they thought that was all they had to do. Maybe a post to the community around what changes they are going to make to the forum and when they are going to make them would be a start! I just want to open the forum, see what topics are active and maybe learn something new or help someone else out. The addition of a date filter would be wonderful. It's not too much to ask it it?


An active user forum is a great source for information from and to users and in the same time huge benefit to Graphisoft. It's a simple and effective way to have a software support platform running where your only cost is the platform and probably the moderators. Almost all knowledge gathered here is free and costs Zero. Nada. Null. For GS and for all of us. But the main benefit is, I believe, on GS side. Can you imagine how much it would cost to build a knowledge base like that with paid experts? That's why I wish GS should put more effort into listening to users here and do that little changes most of us have suggested. As @jl_lt said it here and under another topic, most of us would like to see a more structured platform, which would be more a knowledge repository than just a conversation, which we have now.

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Rex Maximilian

I'd love to see the numbers of interaction here. I would assume it's much lower than the previous forum. Remember when you could go directly to a topic or subject matter and easily find discussions on it because everything was in a hierarchal type system, with well laid out categories? Now it's like pulling teeth. I only come here to look at recent topics because that's about all that is easily viewable.


Whatever you decide to do, I'd be down to participate!

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I don't like the format of this forum either. What I do like is the extent of the data within it that serves as a great reminder of all the long standing requests and empty promises that GS have made on tool development & other issues. Sorry, not feeling the "the love" for GS today as I have just been reminded that if an issue doesn't fall within their immediate blinkered fire fighting roadmap it won't be looked at, let alone actioned, even if it is a critical part of the software.


I believe there are plenty of other discussion groups out there which may be helpful but the historic  value and guidance from experienced users of this knowledge base will never be matched. It's just a shame GS treat it as a liability rather than an asset.

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Gordana Radonic
Community Manager
Community Manager

Dear All,  


We took time to read your comments and thoughts, and I want to reflect on them and share with you several things that we are working on as they might not be visible to you. Since the Community launch, Graphisoft’s dedicated community team has been continuously seeking more efficient ways to speed up the delivery of enhancements, as it is in our mutual interest to protect the heritage and built-in knowledge of our Community and make it more accessible and enjoyable.  


We are finalizing several UI related improvements, and they will soon be in their last version on the Community: 

  • The search bar is accessible at all times and always positioned in the top menu bar, 
  • The top menu bar is locked when scrolling, 
  • Pagination is implemented on forums instead of the ‘Load more’ option, 
  • Both ‘My subscriptions’ and ‘My bookmarks’ are accessible from the User profile menu. 

We are working on several other areas at the moment: 

  • Supporting multi-language Community (Japanese and Portuguese languages are in preparation, we are currently testing the knowledge base content migration) 
  • Launching Graphisoft blog channel as a single point of communication for our product and service news, various events, training, and other information (we will reposition and improve the ‘Announcements’ section and free ‘What’s new’ forum from Graphisoft related news) 
  • Improving signatures - more compact signatures 
  • Reorganizing labels on Forums - Labels are especially important for structuring and organizing the content, as several have mentioned. We will use the existing user proposed label structure as a base, clean it, and set a ‘predefined’ label list to help with subscriptions. 
  • Enabling live broadcasting for Event feature - we are working on enabling broadcasting in the form of user webinars and live events to share information and make conversations in a video format as well. 

Work yet to be done, where we have several requirements collected in place, but we will appreciate and rely on your further input on these: 

  • Search improvements 
  • Filtering: most recent/most viewed etc. 
  • Various UI improvements (smaller font sizes, more compact forum threads) 


In further replies, please tell us what is from the already mentioned improvements in your comments a top priority improvement for the Community you’d like to see implemented. 

I thank you for sharing your concerns and your patience, and I hope to hear more comments from your side. 



Gordana Radonić

Community Manager

The forum problems would probably be fixed if the best effort were made to reproduce the effect of the previous structure. All the webinar and blog channel and blah are unrelated to the lost forum functionality; a knowledge base is not a forum; both were fine before; of course things can be improved, but the forum was destroyed, and that is the problem. 

I appreciate the status update and look forward to seeing the work implemented online.


I do however miss any mention of the new wish/idea feature - what is its status? It might seem as a small and perhaps self-entitled thing to keep bringing up but I currently hold it as the best indicator of where AC is heading. If you in seven months can't get such a feature in place - why should we feel confident that the development of AC is done with the user in focus?


There is a plethora of legitimate wishes/ideas put forward and discussed by users. Most are for simple enhancements of current features, some are for the introduction of features ubiquitous among modern CAD/BIM applications and a few are for more ground breaking features. What they all have in common is that they reflect how an actual current user would like to use the application. I'm confident that if I were to pull a few at random to fast-track for the next version it would give a better result for the user than the current process. What I don't know is if this is due to the influence of commercial factors in the process or due to a dissonance between the developers and the users.

Hi Gordana, Thanks for the update. Is it just the forum structure/provider that doesn't allow you to make quick changes? I would have hoped in 2022 we were able to make changes and updates in a much more fluid and ongoing way. I just don't understand why the main requests are not able to be implemented quickly. It's very similar to GS approach to AC development which is also slow and off target. Why is a date filter so hard to build into the most commented button? Its just a simple piece of code. My 16yr old son has built this into a webpage he is working on for a school project! Please action this quickly and if you need me to pressure those making the decisions please let me know who they are.


@Gordana Radonic As has been mentioned previously... Compatibility with Apple Safari. At this time we can't even edit a post once submitted, let alone the various other menu control issues which ignore user input.

Apple iMac macOS Monterey / AC25UKI (most recent builds)


I'd suggest a vertical side menu (maybe with an option to be hidden or pinned) with drop-down sub-levels, which could resemble the old forum structure based upon the new tags/labels. The main screen (frame) could remain in current conversation mode, but if somebody selects one main side menu label (or any drop-down sub-level), the conversation main frame would change into a tag/label filtered mode. Each menu selection option could have an indicator how many running or closed (?) topics are available and how many solutions are on offer. The state of the opened sub-levels should remain active for each user.

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I miss this a lot from the old structure. I am opening new tabs per subcategory every morning to have a quick glance, this is not ideal at all.

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Multi-language implementation? Well, that is one reason a forum should not be directly integrated with a knowledge base...

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How about go directly to first unread message when clicking a post? As far as I know it doesn´t work this way right now, and it´s an option in every forum in existence. Or maybe I´m doing something wrrong, as the forums remain fairly unintuitive and different to standard forum conventions 🤔

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