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A different kind of Beta-Test


Hello together,


Frequently I'm disappointed, when I tested new functions etc. and I get the response: "We don't change anything now, the development of this is finished."

So my part as beta tester seems mainly to be, to report bugs and to search how the exactly arise.


A much more effective way to contribute to improve the program was in my eyes, to be much earlier involved in the development of new functions, tools options and so on.
I think the question should be:

… is it possible to do with the new thing the actions properly, for wicht it was actually designed?

… or far back: with functions and options in existing tools, display-options and so on, are missing mostly?

… or still far back: what is part of your everyday work and there is yet no function in Archicad? 

Yes, the last to questions are more 'before test phase' – but at least the first one was in my opinion a significant method to test effectiveness and practicality of a new program version.

ARCHICAD for Future

archicad versions 8-26 | mac os 12 | win 11


There appears to be a definite distinction between the development phase and the Beta testing phase along with bug reporting and if the new functions perform as required.


I have been involved in the Beta testing for another CAD software but I am not familiar with the Archicad process. 


From what I know, others feel they were just doing bug reporting mainly. 

AC8.1 - AC24 + Ci Tools
Apple Studio CPU 10C
GPU 24C 7.8TF 32GB RAM

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