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AC23 Column / Beam End Cuts

I have developed a timber I-beams complex profile to work with columns and beams for framing layouts. Unfortunately the new beam & column tools only allow for a single direction end cut within the settings which is fixed to rotate around the X-axis. In the images I have ringed where my problem lies. I have tried every variation I can think of to cut the top of the column at the required angle using my highest PBC values with roofs & shells etc., nothing seems to stop the inclined beam connection even after the column is trimmed. As can be seen I have even tried to connect the main beam & column axis. At present I can't see any other option other than duplicate complex profiles to rotate the axis. This seems straight forward but the duplication then messes up all my cut lists as the X & Y values are transposed.

I would really like GS to complete their programming on this issue and allow the cut plane to be rotated around the Z-axis. This would also then allow us to correctly cut columns to suit situations where the top incline is not perpendicular to a column axis such as a post at 45 degrees to a roof plane.
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Add the cut functionality that the Steal Beam and Column objects have?
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Also allow multiple end cuts!

This is so important to have.
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