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1. Put camera on/off toggle in on screen view options

2. Fix the problem where the 3d navigation changes when you have
something selected

3. Option to show lines for intersecting planes/edges in 3d document

4. Independent 3d document for 3d details

5. Ability to do a circular beam without having to do a custom profile, like a column

6. Parameter for a soffit under the roof tool

7. Option for dynamic spelling check

8. Option to merge without certain file attributes

9. Total sum calculation @ bottom of element info

10. Ability to set a custom dimension origin for elev markers

11. Text/paragraph controls on custom dimension text

12. Better quality when saving image formats besides pdf

13. Save layers to pdf (for import into illustrator)

14. Add door & window level of detail to model view options

15. Fix problem where 3d shadows disappear when camera angle increases

16. Ability to copy/ paste layouts in the navigator

17. Ability to set, for example, 15 layouts with master 'a', in the new layout dialogue (like InDesign)

18. Set the layout ID as bold in the navigator so it has more contrast between the layout name, b/c they blend together especially if the drawing starts with a #, such as A201 1st level floor plan

19. Fix problem where text background does not show up until printed

20. Ability to make one slab with more than one top/ bottom elevation

21. Custom profile for slab edge, not just custom angle

22. Ability to adjust door & window ID by double clicking on the marker, with out having to go into the settings and changing the ID there

23. Custom profile for slab, and ability to set origin and orientation (like a fill) of the extrusion (useful for concrete T slabs)

24. Ability to segment the section marker cut line with different pens & line types, rather than to just show or hide the middle segment

25. Ability to tag a wall as a window, give it a window marker, and to show up in the glazing schedule

26. If not 26, then make it possible to add custom rows to the door/ window list

27. Option to adjust the intersection # for a particular layer across all layer combinations

28. Option to 'show section in 3d' (in the right click drop down menu in a section window or when click on a section marker)

29. Add simple/med/detailed door & window option to the model view options

30. Trace & Reference: ability to set a layer as a trace

31. Trace & Reference: transparent fills (setting to turn off trace on the fills and keep on in the main drawing)

32. Ability to set view options for layer combinations, for example, I want to set soffit lines as dashed in floor plan and have them as solid in the RCP without duplicating the lines. Could be accomplished with something similar to the renovation tool.

33. Add arrow size and type to the find and select parameters

34. Option to spell check only layout or only model space

35. Fix wall intersection problem: 8' wall intersects a 4' wall and the floor plan is correct, but the RCP (cutting higher) the wall intersection still appears to be at 4' cutting plane

36. Ability to place internal views in other views without going to the layout view

37. Option to force the wall end lines to show (overriding the clean auto. intersection)

38. Radial dimension tool: Ability to set the centerpoint marker type and size independent of the arrow head

39. Ability to set the uncut column/ wall fill

40. Option to override auto scaling of section marker.

41. Ability to screen (or gray) a layer not just by changing pens, possibly work into the trace tool or the model view options. ie. Floor Framing Plan: I want the walls that my framing is sitting on to be grey with a lighter pen weight. (this should include the ability to adjust the pen color and pen weight of the trace or screen)

42. More customization options with the 'override cut fills', and add 'override cut and uncut lines'

43. Ability to drag a copy of a wall/slab/beam/column in section

44. Ability to add elevation points just like the way you can add linear dimension points

45. Option to stretch walls without moving the windows/doors

46. Add hotspots to on screen view options

47. Ability to curve or make custom path for a beam

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I would like to see a function that enables users to rename gdl objects without messing up the old names or the functionality of the objects. Some library parts come in languages other than English and it makes it difficult to select them. I believe that my friend Muaz Alnajjar agrees with that too.

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I hope Archicad 17 will slow down system obsolescence, and hold Mac OS X 10.6 compatibility... too much of our software won't work with 10.7 and above, and at this (crisis) time we can't afford to upgrade them all. If Archicad goes ahead with system requirement, we can't continue to use new versions. Even if we upgrade all our software, there's the problem with old documents (also them made with Archicad), now archived in Stuffit archives, that can't be update so easily. Most of them will never be used, but sometimes happens the need to restore someone of them.

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I have a couple of them, again I'm not an extremely advanced user.Most of them are thing I see that Revit can do and AC can't

1. Constrains. When you move an element the other elements move with them, especially between walls and floors when you change the story heights or the width of the assemblies, this is a must.
2. Dimensions, a la Revit, where the dimension can change the length of the element, or that you can use eq/eq. Better continuous dimensions.
3. This is an old one and I know there is a add somewhere but Ceilings please!!!!
4. Updated GUI. I don't want the mess of Revit, but I know it can be improved.
5. Improvement of Complex profiles. Reveals.
6. Buy Cadimage and incorporate those features to Archicad standard. Sorry Cadimage
7. Keep improving the stairs, especially to extend railings for ADA.
8. ADA check clearances would be nice.Code compliance would be orgasmic.


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like groups in revit or sketchup, pls don't mention "HOTLINKS'" as they can be completely useless in several scenarios.Also stop develop stuff and then abandoning it ie curtain wall(can't slant a curved curtain wall and several other issues)

Yep, Fix what hasn't been completed. I Call it 80%ArchiCad. So many great features that don't get finished or fixed...
- Curtain wall - schedule, ease of use, incorporate standard windows etc
- Teamwork file size
- Windows and doors!!!! Look at cadimage and learn. Does anyone in the software development team actually document architecture??
- GUI -consistancy (Curtain wall editing?, Window editing?...)
- Stairs!!
- Complex profile/Solid element, viewing options

- Stop issuing new software every year. We can't keep up trying to upgrade projects half way through. Projects take sometimes years to document. Get the release right! Keep it stable and consistent.
- Ability to change wall colours/materials halfway up or along a wall without needing a new wall or complex profile or niche. Often the wall may have exactly the same construction, just a different colour/brick/panel...

more to come I think....
Warwick Lloyd-Martin
3 D E N V I R O N M E N T


> Windows 7 Pro 64bit
> i7 CPU 920-2.67Ghz
> ATI Radeon HD 5700

>ArchiCad 4.55>20 AUS
>Cinema 4D R18
>VRAYforC4D R1.9

Here is a suggestion of mine (about the instances): 3d in worksheets - this suggestion develops the existing archicad features, and doesn't introduce something completely new;

And there is another topic about the urgent need of a better wishlist handling: Problems with and ideas for improving ArchiCAD-Talk forums. Because there are countless uncompleted, and (partly) abandoned features in ArchiCAD.

Actually, the only reason for me to stay with ArchiCAD is the following: all the previous works of mine were made with AC, and it would be hard to change (usually I have to develop my previous works). Not the learning process of a new software.
Talmácsi, István, architect (AC user since 1997, ac4.5 - now: ac18)

I discovered a tutorial about a "competing software" and have to say that some editing maneuvers really made my drool.

Like: constraints, aligning, ability to partially 'detach' a skin from a composite wall, making a sloped bathroom floor without splitting the slab and in the same time changing the finish of the slab, creating shaft openings (without SEO, thank you), and so on...

I don't want to use AC like this other software, but some editing commands would be just damm useful sometimes.

GS please study this 'competing software'!
arch. ernest atanasiu

AC22/23/24 INT/GER/FR on Win 10 2004

Murilo Noleto
AC 12 - 25 | Win 10 | 16GB | NVidia GTX 1050Ti | AMD Ryzen 7 1700X

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Archicad from A to Z

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structural analysis

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main panel in EcoDesigner

I have many wishes, but one that I think is critical is improving the DETAIL WORKFLOW. We have all of these object types (Plans, Sections, Elevations, Worksheets, DETAILS, etc.), but they mostly work the same in the Navigator. DETAILS should be different... they don't need Views at all! Each Detail IS a 2D View, and I would argue that, once set, they NEVER change their Scale, Model View, Pens, Dimension Type, Renovation Filter, or Layer Combination. Heck, they don't even need Layers (arguably)!

Currently, using Office Standard or Template details from an archived collection (something I think ALL architects do) involves creating a new Independent Detail, opening a new ArchiCAD instance, copying and pasting the elements, setting up the View (Scale, Layers, etc.), place on a layout, and create a call-out marker. That's if everything goes well. Then repeat many times. TOO MANY STEPS for a common activity.

Linking is easier, but can be cumbersome, cause slow updates, and result in broken links as files get moved. Placing all detail collections in the Project Template is messy, resulting in huge templates that are cumbersome for small projects. PDFs and PMKs are restricting, and can't be updated in a pinch. Some use the pre-Detail Tool method of making several underground stories to show different scales of details.

I recommend the following:
A. Use the Organizer to copy Details from one PLN to another. Perhaps have a preview window. Or, better yet, allow drag-and-drop from two open instances or ARCHICAD.
B. Create an option to EMBED a Detail instead of Linking it. Perhaps just add an "Unlink" button to the context menu, which automates creation of an Independent Detail.
C. Fuse Details in the Project Map with a single View Setting. Maybe they don't show up in both. If the Scale, etc., is changed at all, it changes the View permanently.
D. Allow this to happen with multiple Details at once. Batch copy!
E. Make sure the ID, Name, and View Settings transfer over.
F. Simplify the editing window as much as possible. Hide modeling tools I don't need, and highlight the drafting tools I do.
G. Work on the Detailer objects to make a robust detailing environment. Look back at the MSA Detailer system that used to come with ArchiCAD.
H. Create a quicker way to jump to the reference marker(s), wherever it may be. This may be a window that shows a list of all locations that the current Detail is referenced. Perhaps a Palette, or just a context menu item.

I will likely create a new wishlist item, but I'd like to hear feedback. How do YOU DO DETAILS?
Chuck Kottka
Orcutt Winslow
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

ArchiCAD 25 (since 4.5)
Macbook Pro 15" Touchbar OSX 10.15 Core i7 2.9GHz/16GB RAM/Radeon Pro560 4GB

Da3dalus wrote:
I will likely create a new wishlist item, but I'd like to hear feedback. How do YOU DO DETAILS?
Chuck, you might enjoy this thread: http://archicad-talk.graphisoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=35734

Of particular interest to you might be the videos that Link Ellis did on Screenr, which have links in the thread.
Richard Morrison, Architect-Interior Designer
AC25 (since AC6.0), Win10

Not applicable
1. Basic NURBS operations with morph profiles: Sweep, Loft, Shell and Surface. Remove Tube function because it's too unusable, replace it with Sweep.
2. A real tool for railings, railings along a morph path: so we can finally place railings on any ramp.
3. Convert a shell to a curtain wall, and so:
4. Automated triangulation for curtain walls.

5. May I be a beta tester?

A lot of these wishes satisfy existing users who have gotten used to the horrible interface. If Graphisoft want to catch new Mac customers before Autocad come up with a Mac solution for Revit then they need to give Archicad a serious makeover.

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Christiaan wrote:
A lot of these wishes satisfy existing users who have gotten used to the horrible interface. If Graphisoft want to catch new Mac customers before Autocad come up with a Mac solution for Revit then they need to give Archicad a serious makeover.

Not applicable
Th UI may need work but I would not say its a priority - there is so much else to be done!
Instead of trying catching up how about offering a rhino+grasshopper type of experience natively in archicad?
The ability to build relationships between elements graphically would be awesome.

Not applicable
The horse has probably bolted by now with version 17.

The amount of time I spend in trying to place elements in exact positions is a big productivity problem for me that problem was partially addressed in version 10 with the inclusion of the tracker pallet.

It would be good to have, interactive temporary display dimensions that show up when placing elements that can be clicked on and the element moves or changes size with the input of the new value and disappears when the element is properly located. Otherwise I am just driving blind not knowing if the element is placed in the exact right position.

I get around this problem by drawing non static dimensions as I go but it can get a bit tedious when placing doors on internal walls.

Please don't keep ignoring this limitation and many more may just move away to Revit despite its limitations. Yes Archicad has some limitations that exist in the nemetschek stable along with vectorworks that have not been adressed like Revit has.

We keep getting these special tools like shell and morph that are
good but please fix the other productivity problems first then move on.
Otherwise you keep tweaking these new tools and fail to work on productivity problems.

OK teamwork is good for big companies but for us sole traders we need more productivity as we can't afford to pay extra workers to do the extra CAD work needed.

Please address these issues if you can sooner than latter please.

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