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Ability to use math in tracker

Odd Goderstad
It would be nice if it was possible to use simple mathematics in tracker
Example distance/2 if i wanted half distance.. etc.
🙂 Odd Goderstad
GS Norge
Oslo, Norway
Always the latest version ArchiCAD mostly on Windows
twitter: @OddGoderstad

I remember that this was requested at least 10 years ago, so I would not hold your breath. Some other applications have this feature (a page layout app, I think, but I can't recall which one). It's one of those little things that can make using a tool feel very powerful and nice.
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Karl Ottenstein
You have always been able to add and subtract in any coordinate box and in the Tracker, but division and multiplication is not possible AFAICT.

Addition and subtraction uses HP-style calculator "reverse polish" - that is, the + or - is entered after the number.

With the Tracker, you need to enter an extra letter or two.

For example, suppose you want a wall that is 2000 + 1500 mm long.
You would start the wall and then enter R2000R1500+

That's a bit lame, since you can do it in your head, but easy to try.

More typical would be that you want a new wall to extend past a known point by 1000 mm (e.g.). Start drawing the wall, press the shift key until you align the wall length with the known point by snapping the mouse cursor to the point and while still at that position, press "R" and then enter 1000+ in the Tracker (if visible - or the coordinate box if no Tracker but Coord box on). The math is completed with the "+". Pressing the Enter/Return key completes the wall.


PS This reverse polish addition/subtraction works in most places. For example, with the Info palette open and the Wall Tool selected, if you enter (using upper case just to make it visible here - either is OK):
then you add 50 mm to the top of the wall, making it 50 mm higher.
would extend the base of the wall 50 mm lower


(US Imperial unit users have to use an extra "-" for subtraction to clarify that it is subtraction and not a foot-inch separator. So, to subtract a foot from the top of a wall, you would enter:
but to subtract 1'-1" from the top you would enter
where the first dash is the foot/inch separator and the last one is the subtract operator.)
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If you want to snap to a third or fifth of a distance try this method:
-Set the special snap values to the division you want.
-Place a manual guideline (shift + `)
-Snap to your division.

Odd Goderstad
A little more work than just typing /2(Enter) me think...
🙂 Odd Goderstad
GS Norge
Oslo, Norway
Always the latest version ArchiCAD mostly on Windows
twitter: @OddGoderstad

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Indeed a feature we miss from our former Cad-app. Must be very simple to add for Graphisoft (about 5 lines of code I guess). + and - work fine, please add / and *. It's a little ridiculous you need a separate calculator for that.

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That would be a nice feature to have in Archicad. I guess one could only hope for some improvements for Archicad 15

Not applicable
this would indeed be very handy. i cant imagine it would take a lot of effort to implement something as simple as this. hopefully the developers feel the same way. I hate having to switch to a different program for something as simple as this.

good request!

Awesome request! maybe simplifying a bit this "reverse polish" to the regular a+b thing!
Jorge Benéitez

M.arch | Registered Architect | ARB
BIM Implementation | Graphisoft Registered Consultant.

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