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Address overlapping zones problem

I wish there was a way of automatically tagging and scheduling room zones within larger building sector zones, such as residential units, or business departments, or tenants.

Perhaps having some sort of zone category level hierarchy (like 'zone priorities')--so that you could have zones for rooms and zones for larger-than-room areas, that you could set in the Zone Category settings.

So that you would be able to say 'list all zones in level 3, and give me the fields for zones levels 2 (say, apartment number) and 1 (say, developer)'.

Erika Epstein
I completely agree with your wish. Archicad's inability to have overlapping zones has been a tremendous hindrance.
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This wish is an importent wish in my opinion.

I want to have some kind of level functionality in the categories of zones but more as a tree-functionality as below

And one object are connected to all zones that are covering this object.
And zones are connected to all zones that are above, "zone abcab are connecte to abca and abc"

Then you could list all objects in a building and display which room / department it's connected too. And as with our layouts, so should zones have the ability to inherit id from above.

So if my room has the number 01214 it could be house 01, story 2, department 1, room 4 so, my room inherit 01,2,1 from the zones on higher levels.

2 zones in the same category could not overlap. But two categories could be on the same level

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