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Anxiety: CAD Drafting has an anxiety problem.

Anxiety: CAD Drafting has an anxiety problem.

Measuring how regularly I hear people yelling at their computers, and how many times per minute I hear the "stress sighs" of my neighbors on their CAD machines, I think CAD has a problem that needs more attention.

CAD Software produces anxiety in its users.

This leads me to believe that the successful CAD software in the future will be the one that produces the least amount of anxiety in it's users.

So how can this be done in the future? Is anyone working on this?

I mentioned in my previous post the "dings" with no information attached to them which personally causes me increasing amount of stress. I often don't know why the "dings" are occurring and I need to stop my design thinking in its tracks so that I can begin problem-solving software snags with no direction from my software but a "ding" sound. The solution to this might be more information?

Another anxiety producing occurrence is the typical "crash" that causes one to not only lose train of thought, but lose unsaved work. How could softwares stop the anxiety from rushing to our brains when this happens? I'm just spitballing here, but what if instead of a crash, there was an automatic re-start, with a short relaxation meditation video? Something that psychologically "stops" the rush of adrenaline the crash is about to kick in.

I don't know the solutions to these things, but my point is that there may be a place for some psychologists in the software design meetings to help troubleshoot the serious problem of CAD software driving it's users mad.

Any thoughts? Architect NY WI IL
Madison WI
Archicad21 MEP EcoDesSTAR Win10-64-bit
EliteBook8570W Corei7-3630QM@2.40GHz
QuadroK2000m RAM32 (2)250GBSSDs
4 Monitors Internet:4Up60Down

1. Definitely turn off ArchiCAD sounds. In fact, after unchecking the "Enable ArchiCAD sounds" in Work Environment>More Options, put on a good set of wireless headphones and listen to music. I like both Pandora & Spotify.

2. Set data security to highest level (every step), with autosaves and backups, and then fuhgeddaboudit. It's hard to get too stressed with your favorite music going.
Richard Morrison, Architect-Interior Designer
AC25 (since AC6.0), Win10

Aladar Kish
That jumpy arrow tool makes me nervous (even while listening to music)
AC 4.2 - AC 24 7006 FRA
mac OS 11.6.7

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