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ArchiCAD Dpi / Screen Density Calibration Tool / Option

Hello there,

ArchiCAD must add a monitor dpi calibration tool.

Otherwise what you advertise (100% shows scale as printed) is false and unprofessional.

CorelDRAW (joke!) has this tool since 1994 (at least). That is 24 years ago.

It is called Calibrate Ruler in Zoom Tool settings.

It simply pop ups a digital ruler and a dpi setting. User take the steps below:

1. measure with an analog ruler placed on screen ie. 10cm
2. if measurement shown in digital ruler is smaller, manually increase dpi, or the contrary.
3. repeat till preview is exact.

It is such a simple tool to implement and it should appear in ArchiCAD 23.

If you redesign the tool it would be more intuitive to add a drag handle at ie. 10cm so that user can simply drag the handle to the actual distance, dpi will change, and then he can fine tune the dpi, if necessary. (shown in screenshot).

A single horizontal ruler would be simpler and fine. Vertical ruler is mostly for CRT screen where screen geometry could be altered by users.

Basing your scale in Windows or Mac OS scale is not reliable.

In the Era of 60inch UHD or 8K monitors that work together with 10 inch tablets, such a setting is not a joke, it is a true necessity, unless you somehow make sure that in every monitor 10 printed cm are always 10 printed cm (on my monitor ArchiCAD shows 10 printed cm as 12.2cm, that is 22% error).

I am a multi discipline designer/engineer/architect that works/develops on a multitude of software (more than i can remember).

Thought to drop an idea while testing your software for production purposes.



ps. installed it to get the screenshots. 3.740 pixels/meter is correct for a 24" 1920x1080 monitor.

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