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ArchiCAD Library 19 - why are ALL PARAMETERS hidden

I noticed on many A19 default library parts, Graphisoft has updated the user interface and hidden the ALL PARAMETERS section making many parameters non-editable.

I came across a few examples but one that comes to mind right now is the Downspout Complex 19 which does not have the CUT PEN parameter included anywhere in the graphic interface.

While I understand GS wants to make the user interface more friendly, please do not hide the rest of parameters!

Short of deleting the 'hide all parameters' code from the object and re-saving as another object, I can't think of a work around ... and really I do not see a point of hiding these in the first place.

Is this all A19 versions or just the Australian library?

Not sure if this should be under 'wishlist forum' maybe?
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Karl Ottenstein
jakubc7 wrote:
Not sure if this should be under 'wishlist forum' maybe?
Moved your post to the Libraries forum.

Does the "Floor Plan and Section" group of parameters not appear for this library part in the AUS library? In the US library, there's a cut line pen there. But, of course you have to over-ride the object's pen...since it is hidden as you say.

I'd prefer that we had the option to see all parameters for all lib parts as in the past. Too much magic can happen otherwise - notably with parameter transfer.
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Thanks Karl.

Floor plan / section override will override entire object which is not what I want either (as you already know). Plus, in this case the CUT override does not override the symbolic cut line in floor plan but the 3D / section cut. The fact is that the option is there ... just hidden for no good reason.
ArchiCAD 10 - 25 | Windows 10

ARCHIcreate | Perth, Western Australia
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Barry Kelly
I agree that the option to show all parameters should be there all the time.
If a user doesn't want to use it then that is fine but at least those that do will have the choice.


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Already mentioned this to our reseller as a wish for future versions.
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I've some problems with ies lamp object because I cannot reach a parameter which is only editable with hotspot ...
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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

I have edited the original post by adding the standard Poll options.
I also moved it to the Wish forums.
Please vote for the wish.
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