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Archicad Future, 27 Poll


Archicad 26 was released yesterday, personnally i'm disappointed of how Archicad is slowly developped in the last 4 years, the pandemic has it' effects on business for sure, but we expected more since earlier versions used to bring nice and cool features, 


I created this tread for users who have ideas, suggestions, propositions for the next release, we may express our thoughts, and give guidelines for development team, Graphisoft is listening, i'm sure, 


For me, the most important thing to in an urgent way is to stop this multilingual installers strategy, 

Archicad 26 is released, all the world can download it with a multilangual installer,  : 

1 - download and install in a preferred langue, 

2 - open Archicad using your template, or download a template from the website, almost of us migrate tempaltes from older versions, resellers template  are useful for new users, 

3 - libraries also can be dowloaded from website, this will help in 2 things : lignter installers, and libraries are accessible for everyone especially when user works for foreign companies, .


this way, development and bug fixes will be focused on 1 installer, not 10, 




Archicad strategy is to implement several disciplines, let's admit this, 

For users , Architects, engeneers, drafters, commands and disciplines should be seperated and organized in different way, so we don't feel abused with unecessary command, 

yes Archicad offer possibility to organise commands in the work environnment, but the saved commands layout will be a mess when upgrading to newt version wich contain new commands, 

why not,  from a buttons menu you can activate ad desactivate disciplines commands.




You said in the webinar, Focus on design, Archicad tools are really good and that's why we stick to Archicad , BUT aren't fully baked, workarounds and illogic solutions are always there to disturb the workflow, think about new users, workarounds make them feel uncomftable, saying, " this simple situation needs a workaround, whatabout complex ones ?? " 


each tool have major / minor things to update, tweak , to get a good design toolbox for daily work, 

to attract users, Archicad should easily be able to help designing a residentiel or midscale projects without workarounds, this kind of project is where users start exploring the software, if it fails, users will start searching around for alternatives, 

make the product a complete solution for architects, 




i think , Archicad 27 should be the " NO workarounds version "   ,make architects life easier, to focus on design , then you can go ahead for structural and MEP workflows, 

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I disagree with this. GDL is what it is for advanced users.

It's complicated, but gives you absolute control.

Rhino and grasshopper is basically a link to external applications - again niche stuff, horses for courses.


Param-o and Library Part Maker makes a lot more sense.


Here's a radical idea though - what about a web-based tool for creating parametric objects that can be exported to different BIM applications?


You in effect define the properties and rules, and the interface deals with creating code/script for GDL objects, Revit families, Rhino assemblies, SketchUp objects, Vectorworks symbols and IFC components. You could maybe select for shared parameters for the different applications, or dedicated fully-featured components. The parametric behaviour could even be configured via the web interface to download components at the right size if true interactive parametric behaviour is not an option. If you want to change the properties, go back to the portal to redefine the object. 


Yes it's complex as hell, but would arguably be the holy grail for BIM interoperability in terms of add-in content.

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@Jim Allen wrote:

Here's a radical idea though - what about a web-based tool for creating parametric objects that can be exported to different BIM applications?

I think BIMObject has this solution. They create the object once and then generate the objects in many different formats, including Archicad, Revit, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Rhino, etc.:

A few year ago there was information about it and AFAIK, it was accessible for users, but currently I do not see anything about it on their website. You ma contact them if you want to inquire about it but as I said, I don't know it is still available or became internal-use-only.

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I saw their BIMScript with Lena project - it was based on Rhino though, not a web-based application, which means content creators have to learn a non-BIM application to create BIM content. 

That would be the case also for say a web-based application, but it would be a very small toolset by comparison with something like Rhino.


They also had a very simplistic web application, which I tried out, but it wasn't actually any good for building anything much more complex than assemblies of textured rectilinear objects.


My point was that it would be something that Graphisoft could implement as a kind of web-based combination of Param-O and LPM, with the added ability to build parametric BIM objects that could be exported for use in other applications.


It was an approach that is radically different to anything GS are currently doing. 


At the moment there seems (to me at least) to be a kind of 'silo thinking' within the development team. It's almost like there is an agenda that is not really properly customer-focussed (otherwise we wouldn't have these long-standing issues that have been identified) but we can't really see what it is.


I guess it would be easy enough to say that it's basically about improving long term profitability, but alienating your core market by ignoring them for years doesn't fit with that either.



We can see that there is a drive to get traction for Archicad in the engineering disciplines, but that will only work if you keep your main customers happy first, and Archicad 26 has definitely not done that!


The MEP and structural toolsets seem to be being promoted to the main customer base (architects) who really couldn't care less about toolsets for other disciplines. In fact I don't think it's unreasonable to suggest that we really don't want them at all if it means that the architectural development suffers as a consequence.


By all means develop for other disciplines, but do it by employing separate teams to build the required feature sets.


Those of us who practise architecture know that things like climate modelling, energy modelling, embodied carbon and LCC calculation are going to be much more important, but even EcodesignerStar doesnt seem to be current any more. That really ought to be free. Alternatively, create integrated links with 3rd party applications like (say) Designbuilder.


What about better integration with tools like One-Click LCA? Concentrate on efficient data exchange and leave the standards, certification and compliance to others.


The LCC property set seems to be interesting, but it's based only on the German standard, which is no use unless that standard is recognised in your country.


What would be useful would be some way of assigning the additional properties to existing projects. Some kind of automated tool that allows materials in the model to be updated with new properties would be great.


But first of all - how about GS finally fix things like the mesh tool and display of SEOs on plan?


Archicad 25 UKI | OS X 11.7 Big Sur

That's the sort of roadmap that makes sense to customers!

Not the GS version that was more like a shareholder update.

Archicad 25 UKI | OS X 11.7 Big Sur

Nader Belal


What ever were your suggestions, proposals, request and/or wishes, please add this one up:
- Improve precision of trigonometrical functions/identities 


The reason for that is quiet simple, they have a significant impact on almost every aspect working with Archicad, starting from plotting/drawing of curved geometrical entities, to the calculations of surface areas, ... etc, and in GDL this is the 10th time I hit the wall with object I´m creating because the trigonometrical functions aren't accurate enough.

PS: here is my request if you want to add your voice

A good friend of mine have once told me that I´m so brute that I´m capable of creating a GDL script capable of creating GDLs.

like being able to dimension the radius of a hole in a steel plate to 2 decimal places

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If your reply was an example, thank you.

If you reply was a question, no, right now I need 8 decimal fractions for the values of sin, cos, .... of any angle etc

A good friend of mine have once told me that I´m so brute that I´m capable of creating a GDL script capable of creating GDLs.


I completely agree with you. I am currently having a similar situation where I am trying to make an office shift from Revit to Archicad and when I have to go through the type of questions the new Archicad users with a huge amount of Architecture and Construction Experience have to do the workarounds that really puts me as an Archicad instructor in a bit of a tight spot.


Really hope that Graphisoft will come up with some really responsive solutions in the future versions. Looking forward to that.

Jim Allen

Is there a centralised AC27 wishlist someone is managing that we can discuss and vote for?


Apologies if this exist and it's developed/managed. I didn't see one, but that might be fault!


If not, I think it would be useful to create one.


It would be good to categorise proposed features in terms of (for example) 3d modelling basics, data, 2D drafting, printing/presentation, fundamentals and library objects.


We could number these, maybe select the top 10 and prioritise.


I'm just conscious of the saying "Complaining about things without proposing alternatives is just whining".


If we get some kind of list as a community, it at least helps us all (and hopefully Graphisoft) to focus. 

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I really don't think so. If you're referring to something official by Graphisoft, I do believe they have something, but from past experience, nothing we wish for is likely to be implemented... unless you're a 100+ seat firm and you're wanting something to do with MEP, structural or IFC. Whatever the bread and butter architects wish for seems to fall through the cracks.

There's not even an official, published road map like Revit, Vectorworks and other major software has. So we have no idea what to expect. But we'll keep paying that yearly fee, which recently went through a 10% increase with not much to show for it.

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