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Auto Wrap Wall End

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We have a nice tool called Wall End Tool in Archicad, and it works very good for what it does and the purpose of it, but I think that the regular behavior of turning the exterior or interior skin or skins when you have a wall end not connected to anything else (like in the pic) should be part of the wall itself and let the wall end tool for more complex or specials ends, just like the others options of the tool.

Going a little further, this option should be on by default with the option to turn it off and to select the amount of skins to turn and which side of skin to turn.

As far as my experience can tell me, 100% of the cases I have a wall end free standing the outside skin wrap the wall end.

Here is a discussion about this http://archicad-talk.graphisoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=55027&sid=389381073da43aac0b27b69c1c51869c


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I agree - this would save me tons of time

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