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Auto text Drawing exclusion

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The auto text function is an amazing aid for layouts but on the other side it still not perfect. For example, one thing that annoys me is that the drawing scale autotext list all the drawing in a layout and does not allow to exclude drawings selectively. Who needs the 1:1 scale annotation when showing a schedule on a plan ? A check box in the "drawing selection settings", "invisible for autotext" would be great.

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This would be good.

We never use Autotext for the drawing scale for this very reason. Sometimes we might scale legend up a bit just to make the symbols more legible. 1:37.5 can look very strange in the 'Scale' box!

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I've just read Erika's post on the subject: "Schedule and scale: shown on layout" in the Forum on Construction Documentation.

Sounds like it could be helpful.

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I just read through that topic. Erika offers "another way around", which is not more simple than putting fills over the scale we do not want to see.

What we are asking for is an option at the "Drawing selection settings" dialogue box - to have the possibility to exclude the scale of the drawing from the relevant autotext fields.

Another good way to fix this I think would be to have the option to classify drawings (and other non 3D elements for that matter - like fills and lines etc.). Then you would only need to declassify the specific drawing you don't want to be included in autotext (the autotext tool wouldn't consider that a drawing).

This is a very old post and the display of drawing scales has been addressed in the Drawing Selection Settings dialog, unless you think the current arrangement doesn't cover your situation?
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