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Better tools to distribute and align multi-line text labels

Problem: current Distribute tools don't work at all with multi-text labels of various sizes. If there is a large "stack" of text labels (common way to describe detail sections here in the US), and one of the labels is modified so that extra lines are added, it causes labels to overlap. The only way to fix that (as of version 24) is to manually move all text blocks above and below to accommodate for the extra lines of text.

Solution #1 (dumb): create an extra Distribute command that can be applied to automatically move text blocks so that bounding boxed touch, but don't overlap, like paragraphs in a text.

Solution #2 (smart): make a way to create "label stacks" that automatically auto-align when content changes. I considered a way to make this work in GDL but I gave up. Reason: associative labels can only be created by first clicking on the object, which means that labels are always created as separate entities and can't be logically grouped as an object that behaves as a single text block. Each label text could have a position assigned in the stack, new labels could be added in-between, and so forth.

Solution #3 (hybrid): create a command that would auto-distribute selected text blocks so that they don't overlap, in addition allow to match width of multiple selected text blocks, all in a single step, so that the result looks like a big block of text.
Matt Krol [LinkedIn]
BHMS Architects and Planners, Chicago

AC 10 ... 22/24 USA

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