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Break main hotlink while keeping the nested modules


Dear All,


I believe many of us are frustrated with the hotlink managins system, since the best solution (edit module in place) is not possible yet.


Many of us, myself included, use the method of having on the floors below 0 or in another file modules per floor, that can be published and inserted in the main file/floors above 0. 


While this is better than no hotlinks I find this method extremly frustrating and time consuming when it comes to comparing modules, finding the right module in the hundreds of floor, editing the module or making variants.


The other method, break hotlink edit and save as hotlink, applying the offset would be a great alternative if only there was an option to break the hotlink while keeping the nested modules still as modules. So that you would have 2 options as far as breaking the hotlink. Either embed everything or the main hotlink only.



This would make the editing of modules and the making of alternative modules in the study phase way easier.



Can graphisoft do something about this pleaseee.




ArchiCAD 23/24 with Win 10

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